[April Fools 2019] A new adventure awaits in Armor Shop!

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Plesiosaur Developments - the creators of Trandescence, Domacus & Orina: The Pilgrim of the Stars, and Infinity Port – are proud to announce their newest adventure, Armor Shop! Get ready to experience station life as you manage your own armor shop somewhere in the Ungoverned Territories! Buy exotic armor from accomplished adventurers looking to sell you their loot; sell conventional armor to newer adventurers looking to upgrade; and service repairs for those who have never heard of a patcher arm! This adventure will introduce revolutionary new mechanics like the following:
  • NO exploration: As a station manager, you don’t have time to travel the stars! You’ll stay in one system in one spot as long as your armor shop still stands! And don’t even think of switching over to a travelling merchant ship; nobody likes those because they are too weird and gross for this game!
  • NO combat: Other than pressing a single button to fire a single turret installed on your station, there’s not much you need to do in order to keep your station safe. Aiming and maneuvering are for guards who like to fly ships; and you’re not much of a ship person. Backed by Corporate security, you can rest assured that if any adventurer dares to attack your station, they will have to deal with more hostile firepower than they have ever seen. No more engaging autopilot and spamming missiles until the enemy explodes; all you have to do is trade armor.
  • Idle gameplay: Let's face it; if you want to make money, you'll have to wait for the money to come to you. Adventurers tend to waste a lot of time window shopping, and the characters of this universe are no exception.
  • Dynamic trading: Adventurers will come to you and tell you what kind of armor they’re looking for. It is your job to recommend the right armor and to make sure you have enough stock. The customer’s satisfaction is your number one priority!
  • Story artifacts: Adventurers will also try to sell you their own armor; some of those armors will have interesting history behind them. Learn about the blast plate that was once used on the Pirate Ship Kronosaurus, or a Massive Tharsis Plate that fell off a Phobos Dreadnought. You decide what stories you want to hear! Piece together the Chronicles of Human Space just by talking with traders!
And don't forget our most important feature:
  • NO release: We believe that the best games ever are the ones that exist purely in the imagination. That's why Armor Shop has no release and will never have one.
Play Armor Shop now!
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Nice! I'm looking forward to this never coming out so I can not play it!
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Am I the only one disappointed that this wasn't a real game? I really enjoyed games like Lemonade Stand and Recettear T.T
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Nice april fools joke
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