Lore for Unexplained factions

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I have been playing the game lots of times and I've always wondered about the factions that don't have a world to explore.

For example, the Corporate world, I understand there are the Eternity Port and Corporate Command expansions. I want to see something similar either in the base game or expanded in the future for factions such as the Black Market, Anarchists, Centauri Warlords, and others.

If there is a backstory in development for some of the factions I see in the base game, I would love to know.
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some of th e faction was included in the freeworlds, like anarchist and etc.

Indeed some faction didn't had much lore in it, maybe Later, after Mrs. George finishing the VoTG.

Btw I found some information about these things, but its kinda spoiler if you wanna see them. It was up to you.

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