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I am curious. What concepts have you guys seen and want from other games to be in Transcendence?

Recently, I've been playing Starsector and Endless Sky. Both are rogue-like space combat/exploration/trade games. I just started Starsector so I am going to focus on Endless Sky. I find Endless Sky's technology and production distribution throughout the galactic map to be exciting. In Transcendence, better equipment can be found by progressively moving through the game. In Endless Sky, better equipment is found through faction relations and local goods. It makes sense, because in today's world, technology and production are centered around a few keys systems. Certain factions have better types of equipment, such as engines or weapons. Even within those factions, you can only buy certain equipment at some regions of space. For example, the best engines in Endless Sky can only be found in a certain part of human space. This makes the player want to go visit systems to buy certain exclusive goods. In Transcendence, while production are distributed around key systems; technology is not. I think the reason why Transcendence does not have this is because the story is pushed very linearly. The further away you move from your spawn, the more difficult the game becomes and the better the equipment you need. I think the best idea to add this flavor is to add more key systems in each region. In the Ungoverned Territories, the systems could be distributed in a cluster rather than linearly. Within the cluster, certain systems will have exclusive equipment. Perhaps there's only one Bushido Manufacturing Plant in the Ungoverned Territories but it's connected to several systems so you can easily access it. In summary, I want to see technology and distribution of equipment to be more regional.
Militia Lieutenant
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So far there are a lot of good idea's on this forum, some of which describe a similar way of what u suggested.
The regional or linear progression ''break'' would require backtracking. And altho i always backtrack due to my trading/mining playstyle, i can imagine u would rather not if your going for a single run.
Just now in the other forum topic i learn it is almost certain EP is gonna be an ad-on to SOTP, similar to CC.
Who knows, maybe we will have Kibo as a 2nd ''hub'' or cluster around it, like St.Kat is now''ish. That would be the start of multiple clusters i suppose. We'r just gonna have to wait and see.
As for limiting certain items to these clusters, not sure if that would work properly for this game, or the different playstyles involved.

For the other part u asket, what i would like to see is what has already been suggested in other forum topics nameley;
1. Drones&wingmen /squadron dont shoot one another (still happening in 1.8 / 1.9)
2. The EP as a add-on like CC (happening it seems)
3. VOTG a continuation of SOTP instead of the clean start it is now. (no idea if George is moving in that direction)
4. Have your wingmen fly ships u can modify aka refit to be more lasting ( in addition to just buy them a new ship)

5. Have ship specific upgrades; for example, if u fly a constellation find/loot a blueprint for an upgrade of that ship.
5a. example; a bleuprint (looted from pirate base or something?) on how to build a quick drone launch bay, this one launches all combat drones who are fully repaired and fitted whit the hotkeys U->A (replacing that 1st sequence, the repeat U->A would be for other types of drones or unfitted ones)
5b. example; a bleuprint on how to build a drone reprogrammer, making you able to ''program'' these drones to return to drone bay at 50% sheild, or amor... ect. Have a 2nd lvl upgrade to this drone reprogrammer to recover corrupted drones?

5c. example; find a bleuprint for El 500 to become a specific mining barge. Or the 1st part to become a battelship.

That being sad, point 5 is a game changer al together, maybe let it be gear u build find loot earn ect instead of modular type of ships.
On the other hand, George dit mention he wanted some, if not all ships to have specific bonus or quirks to make them better c.a. have some loyalty to them being flown by u when u want a specific playstyle.
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