Do cannon accelterators stack?

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Do the effects of two installed cannon accelterators stack?
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I just checked versions 1.8.3 and 1.9b2c and they do not stack. +50% is all you get even with 2 installed.
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You know what? Weapon shots affected by cannon accelerators should also have +50% projectile velocity.

It would be funny if you could stack them, but perhaps a bit broken.
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If we use E=mc2 as a guide, then +50% damage from cannon accelerator should increase shot speed by about 22%. A shot with original speed of 40 would have a speed of about 49. If lifetime is the same, the weapon would gain more range too. For comparison's sake, if damage was quadrupled, then shot speed (and possibly range) should be doubled. Of course, stacking damage enhancers for kinetics would also stack shot speed bonuses linearly, which should not work that way.

AI may not handle weapons with altered shot velocity very well. If shots from a given weapon flew at .40c, then a powerup doubled their speed, AI controlled ships would still aim based on the original .40c speed, lead shots incorrectly, and miss. Also, AI is unaware of range alterations.

Bottom line, altering shot speed opens a can of worms that is probably best left alone. (One I messed with frustration while designing weapons and enhancers for the Drake Technologies mod over the years.)
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