Kind of bugs while modding

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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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While I converted D&O of 1.5 to an adventure I encountered these "bugs".

Duplicate Unid:
msBenedictsDrones - I had to clear the <!Entity and benedict00.xml. Later I tried to fix this but the error was gone for unknown reason and everything worked just fine.
f147 - deleting line <Image UNID="&rsProlog1; in StarsOfThePilgrims.xml (already exists within Transcendence.xml
svHuariEmpire - Had to delet definition of the souvereign in EncountersVolume01.xml
stHuariFortress - had to delete definition of the station in EncountersVolume01.xml

I had to delete all Image UNIDs(the ones pointing to the image in the folder, there are other types which I didn't have to touch) except prolog1.jpg, Part1Cover.jpg and HuariStations.jpg. These three are still necessary and have to be availabe within the resources folder. I had to add HuariStationsMask.bmp to the resources folder, too.

If the unnecessary resources are deleted but at least one Image UNID is still in the code the adventure is marked as "registered" and you get an "no topology nodes found" error.
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