Evren-class heavy gunship

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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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As headline,

I'm flying around whit my dual Thinkerer Mk-III howy. After fitting the projectiles came out from middlle and left. Now after i load / continue that same game the projectiles come out from middlle and right.
Fitting has not been changed. Not sure if it counts as a bug, altho i had to adapt to it rather suddenly. (sung slavers( i blew up my precious slave coffins... well just a couple ;-p ))

Maybe make this a suggestion that dual weapons like the howy's laser ect come out even spread across the bow of the ship -front?

This problem dit not occur for the manticore ship class, which also has 2 sides for gun + mag/missile. (guns always left and mag/launcher always right) Altho it would probably look cooler if a dual from ''left side'' come out in an even spread..... Thats not what this report is about tho.


PS 1.8 stable update for forum subdivision?
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