[RC3] Molybdium field crystal bug?

These are old bug reports that have been closed.
Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:07 am

In RC3, I used a Molybdium field crystal on a 100 MW Mammoth.

It briefly (< 1s) appeared as +30%, but then I got the message "Blue etherium field crystal has burned out." and the +30% enhancement disappeared.

For the record: The same shield had previously been enhanced with a particle- and an ion-reflecting crystal, and I deleted these enhancements with a decayed etherium field crystal. After that, it had been at -20% (I forget whether that was from a cube or a crystal), and I fixed that by using a shieldpower cube.

george moromisato
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Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:16 am

Thanks, that's definitely a bug. I've fixed in in RC5.