1.2b2: Fleet wingmen station overkill.

These are old bug reports that have been closed.
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When ships that use fleet wingman AI were issued reak & attack, and their last target was a station; after they destroy it, they continue to attack and fire at the dead station instead of returning to the playership to form up.
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I noticed this too. A command to form up will stop them to blast away to the dead station, but still. :)
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I experienced a version of this, I was sent on a Korolov mission and I got to the station first and destroyed it long before my wingmen got there. After I had done the deed they started attacking the ruins. The first time I just left them and went back to collect my reward, the second time I watched them kill each other. I got the mission complete, but the wingmen attacked anyway.

They're seriously bad shots.
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Thanks for the report. I've fixed this in beta 3.