[1.2b4] maxHPBonus and micronukes.

These are old bug reports that have been closed.
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Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:29 am

MaxHPBonus does not prevent bonus from exceeding the limit if the device was unenhanced. For example, if a shield has maxHPBonus="0" but is unenhanced, any enhancer applies its full bonus. For example, Hiro's optimizer enhances such a shield by +50%.

MaxHPBonus also does not prevent excess bonus from exceeding the limit. For example, if a shield has maxHPBonus="25" and is currently enhanced by +20%, then after I use a longzhu sphere, the full +10% gets added to +20% for a total of +30%. Or I use a Hiro's optimizer, and the full +50% overrides the +20%. Either way, the bonus should be capped at +25%.

In short, maxHPBonus only prevents an item with a bonus greater than the limit from receiving more stacking bonuses. It does not stop a bigger bonus from overriding the current bonus, or an unenhanced item from receiving any bonus that is greater than the limit.

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Micronuke damage from micronuke cannon (2d10) and Ares launcher (1d12) do not match.
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Good catch on both of these. Thanks!