Project Renegade (Beta) (1.7)

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0.26.5 feedback
relanat wrote:
Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:40 pm

Possible glitch in the docksceen sequencing. I didn't get the Ace Medallion until I redocked later despite being told I was going to get a reward but I'm pretty hazy on what happened so don't take this as gospel.
Disregard this. I just didn't realise that the reward was credits and that they gets added to the player automatically. Maybe a change in the scrDesc text to resemble the SOTP mining mission payments where they tell you how many credits they added would avoid this. (We've deposited " fee " credits to your account.) From previous game experience I was expecting an item as a reward but that comes later.

I also didn't realise there was a credit reward for the other missions at the colonies.

But you definitely don't get a directional indicator back to the Citadel. Then again you don't get one back to the Korolov stations in SOTP after a successful mission either (That may be a bug).

There is a delay between accepting one of the Citadel missions and the Unknown Hostile directional indicator coming up. A couple of seconds at least. Not sure if this is intentional, I don't understand the code.

The projectile effect from the Therodon Mortar Cannon is great but the hit effect felt a little underpowered for a big thermo weapon.

The Emdra freighters look great and that asteroid/planetoid with the glass geodesic domes is great too.

And, a personal opinion, possibly the Welkin Fortress abandoned station dockscreen is a little too gory.

Re: reactors. I saw a few Vallican reactors but (possibly, I wasn't paying a lot of attention) they weren't always available to buy but could be installed through Dock Services.
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Hi Xephyr, I just tried out this mod (following the "ad" on your footer) and I really like it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. Are you still actively working on this project? It seems to run fine in 1.8b4.

The new material creates a distinct mood and feels like a unique adventure. The station, equipment, and enemy spawns feel surprisingly well-balanced for a mod. I'm only 2 systems in, but I've been quite pleased with the pacing and development of the tech levels, loot, and enemies. It's also very nice to see some under-developed material from the vanilla game get a more full treatment here, like using uranium rods as a primary fuel and creating reactor capacities in between the original ones. I'm pretty happy with the new gunship, which is the one I'm flying. In general, it feels like you've brought in some fresh ideas while sticking to a lot of what works in SoTP, so kudos for that.

I'd suggest some minor tweaking to some of the graphics. For instance, the gunship's starting missiles always show the same explosion effect when they hit, which threw me off a bit. I'm used to seeing different kinds of explosions depending on whether I've scored a critical hit or destroyed an enemy, but in this case I seem to see the same explosion every time. Also, the new icons for the Cloudskipper weapons look a bit skewed in dock/ship screens. It looks like this could be fixed by scaling them differently (at a different aspect ratio) rather than making entirely new models for them.

The missions may scale up too abruptly. The first mission was to destroy a tiny pirate ship, which felt appropriate. For my second mission, I was offered the salvage rescue, and I think it's nearly impossible for a playership with starting gear (or close to it) to destroy two Salvager Nomads. I think that mission would work better a bit later on, when the player has easier access to level 3-5 equipment. The third mission was to destroy a large-ish pirate ship, which was also beyond what my (slightly upgraded) gear could provide. I had to lure it to a station and hang out until its HP dropped.

However, I so appreciate that there even are missions, lol! This is such great work!

Since you seem to be interested in writing these kinds of things, it'd be nice to see a brief tutorial (even shorter than Benedict's would work). I''d also appreciate some hints as to the player's background, their relationship to the Citadel, and what exactly the Citadel is. A few screens similar to what's offered at the Starton and at the Commonwealth Residentials in Eridani would go a long way.

I found a small bug re: armor contamination. I was irradiated after looting a Sapiens wreck and went looking for a place to decontaminate. A couple mining and refinery bases let me dock as normal and go to buying and selling screens without decontaminating my ship.Then I went to a colony station, which also let me dock without any challenge or offer to decontaminate. When I undocked, it appeared that I'd been decontaminated with no acknowledgement of it.

That's what I've got atm. Thanks for creating this.
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Unfortunately there has not been any work done on Renegade for quite a long time. Xephyr is being missed here....

The mod is excellent on 1.7, since then there have been changes in vanilla code that this mod does not take in account and several thing do no longer work as intended. (like some of the things you mentioned).

However, it still is very enjoyable to play, very well made. Xephyr made a smaller addition to the vanilla content as for example TBR, but made it very well and complete with good graphics and story. It is difficult to start when you're new to it, but once you get to know the mod a bit better, you'll find ways to make the missions work. There are many surprises to be found and beautiful (but deadly) ships to encounter. (unfortunately some of the added ships I've never seen in action during play)
The goodness also continues when you leave the Renegade systems on your way to the core. The new weapons fit in very nice and some can even be used to defeat the Iocrym. The added stations and missions are fun and more....
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