Post about your finished mods here.
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Sat Mar 07, 2020 12:45 am

Awesome. Thank you so much for the feedback. I live in fear of unknown bugs which I just cannot test for as the adventure is so large. Special thanks for confirming that the original SOTP missions all work. This was a concern as the coding was relatively untested.

Quickly, there are more missions in the original mod but they haven't been included yet.
The stargate rod mission will eventually offer a choice of locked stargates. One or the other, but which one?
Korolov weapons are freely available at this time as a placeholder until the second Korolov mission is included. Then the weapons will only be available via the missions.
CSC-IIs offer escorts but are also upgraded. This relates to a mission which still needs adding.
No interaction at this time with the rebel Ares or expanded Commonwealth/Ares.

Could you please attach your debug.log for the game? This would be invaluable in finding the cause of the crashes.

I'll do a more complete reply offline and post it next time. Thanks again.
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Sat Mar 07, 2020 6:59 pm

Here's my debug log:
(71.08 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
It's mostly Network games. Also using the Osaka playership mod.

I think the CSC-II wingman bug is fairly straightforward. It shows up as: "Insufficient arguments ### (objRegisterForEvents wingmanObj) ###"

The crashes in the Lexington system are more ambiguous, because the debug log doesn't seem to register them. The error message comes from outside the game. Windows (WINE) gives a message that says "Transcendence has experienced a serious problem and needs to close."

As far as vanilla SOTP missions go, I was able to complete all of the Arena, Korolov, Benedict, Dvalin, Militia, and Fleet chains. I got Volkov and Rama, saved the Antarctica, got the Ion9.

The ending of the Huari missions triggered before I ever went to Huaramanca. When I destroyed a Dragon Slaver near a Sung Palace and then docked with a Huari Temple, I got the closing dialogue with Apotamo as if I had just completed the entire Huari mission chain. The broken QAC I picked up was repaired.

Heretic seemed okay, though the Iocrym station attacks may have been irregular. Sometimes there would be enough time to rescue a station and sometimes not, sometimes one blue lobster and sometimes five. I wound up losing almost all the stations.
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Militia Captain
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Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:53 am

Thanks again. Alandra. You have done well and found everything that is currently in the mod except an "Escort a CSC-II to a stargate" mission. There is also a Corporate/Black Market system between Rigel and Charon which can be profitable for trading.
I'll fix the escort bug. Thanks.
Hopefully the Lexington crash isn't Wine related. I know nothing about it.
At a guess, the game assumes a unique Dragon Slaver so if one gets destroyed out of the mission chain that probably triggers the end of the missions. Should be able to work around that but I might ticket it so George knows about it if that is what is happening.
The Heretic results you mention sound typical to me, the timing of sentinels seems to vary widely in my experience but I'll check it.

The Network mod is a separate adventure but with the same storyline as Part I:Stars of the Pilgrim.
Instead of a single line of stargates leading to Heretic there are three roughly parallel lines of stargates but with many offshoots and links.
Gameplay is the same as SOTP. Start in Eridani and travel on your religious journey to the Core via Heretic.

Semesta IGC compatibility is built in and I have a beta version which includes Corporate Command compatibility but am reluctant to release this without hearing from George. If you would like to test this let me know and I will get the code to you somehow provided it is not distributed.

There is expanded but limited Korolov content (one mission, two more to come) as you saw. Also a prison mission.
A CSC-II is used in a very basic escort mission.
Also expanded Commonwealth/Ares and Corporate content. This includes a lot of NPC fighting but nothing more at this time.
There is a Ares Rebel faction as well but they only have inert stations at this time.
The Sung have a larger presence as do the Huari but this was cut down significantly for release as the code was too time-consuming to update.
A Black Market mission was omitted for the same reason.

Future updates will primarily add missions. I struggled wih the mission code for quite a while but a lot of help from community members and perseverance has helped me understand it to a point where writing the code for new missions is now possible.

The original mod was by Drako Slyith and by referring back to this and pixelfck's Network Reparied version I have been able to piece together some of the original intent for the mod. But bear in mind that a mod of this size is never 'finished'. There will always be something more to be added or upgraded. Ideas are always welcome because although I can grind through code until it works I am not very imaginative. Xephyr recommended adding missions from the CSC-IIs and this is on the list of things to do.

If you would like to try modding any ideas you have, your code could to be added straight into the mod. I am eternally grateful to DigaRW for supplying the 'Target' module of the Taipan GodShip.

Hope that helps.
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Mon Jun 01, 2020 8:21 am

I found this thing. Happens either when mods are used / not. 1.9 Beta 1a
Screenshot (39).png
Screenshot (39).png (761.2 KiB) Viewed 123 times

Code: Select all

2020-06-01 15:16:17	Start logging session
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Direct3D
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Screen: 1366 x 768
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Scale: 1.00
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Background blt: Enabled
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Use Direct X: Enabled
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Use GPU compositing: Enabled
2020-06-01 15:16:17	LogPixelsY: 96
2020-06-01 15:16:17	DeviceType: 0x1
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Caps: 0x00020000
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Caps2: 0xe0020000
2020-06-01 15:16:17	Caps3: 0x00000320
2020-06-01 15:16:17	DevCaps: 0x0019ae50
2020-06-01 15:16:17	DevCaps2: 0x00000051
2020-06-01 15:16:17	[DX] Buffer Format: 22
2020-06-01 15:16:18	Transcendence 1.9 Beta 1a
2020-06-01 15:16:18	Graphics quality maximum: 62 ms; 4 cores.
2020-06-01 15:16:37	Loading user collection.
2020-06-01 15:16:51	Loading news.
2020-06-01 15:16:52	All resources downloaded.
2020-06-01 15:17:24	Initializing adventure: Extensions\Network\Network.xml
2020-06-01 15:17:26	Created new game
2020-06-01 15:17:26	Starting new game.
2020-06-01 15:17:33	Crash in CSpaceObject::CreateRandomItems
2020-06-01 15:17:33	Unable to create system: Crash in CreateSystemObject.
2020-06-01 15:17:33	Error creating system New LA: Cannot create system Nw8a: Crash in CreateSystemObject.
2020-06-01 15:17:33	Cannot create system Nw8a: Crash in CreateSystemObject.
2020-06-01 15:17:49	End logging session

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Militia Captain
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Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:23 am

Thanks. I'll look into it. New LA is a custom system so I've probably messed up the code! Or it might be a game change. I have fixed a couple of the previous bugs and have mission code in the next version.
Not much time for Transcendence lately :( I've only got to Dantalion in The Final Strike, haven't even looked at TBR yet and now Semesta is getting rebooted! Not enough time!
Stupid code. Do what I want, not what I typed in!

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