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Post about your finished mods here.
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I have not seen armor enhancements on my mod weapons yet. I will need to investigate it later.
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Other playable mods from 1.8 and 1.7, waiting to be updated...
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I could not locate the Lander Auton ( mod # 904 ) .
I was going to link it and Bobby's Packer in a reply ( they are amazing together ).

Of course - I modified the Landers I use to stop the damage ones returning to my ship when damaged, they just form up and I decide to either repair ( recall them ) or order them them to self destruct ( situational thing ) .

The Packer is basicaly a rolling Tinker, but no free services except getting it into dangerous situations :)

Do hope you can repost the Lander Auton so many, many more players can enjoy it too - As a Miner I love it, saves fuel and brings in the credits :)
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