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Mostly rebalancing and fixing stuff, but I finally created new images for several items in this update. These images are not from 3D program. I'm just using photoshop magic and all images are mostly taken from game core resources.
Semesta Image Update.jpg
Semesta Image Update.jpg (189.14 KiB) Viewed 46 times
Version 2.13
- Rewritten Changelog and Readme.
- Increased ignore damage chance to all Padamium armors.
- Rebalanced Cangkang plate resistance.
- Reduced depletion delay for all Tameng shields.
- Added new item, "Deras missile defense turret".
- Changed image of armor, auton, and weapon items.
- Fixed description error and rebalanced damage of several Serbaguna launcher ammo
- Changed missile of Kuntil, Halimun, and Lutung autons.
- Revised gladiators equipments.
- Rebalanced Semesta ammo boxes.
- Added military attribute for SAL sentinels.
- Reworked Tameng Duri. Now each ion damage is based on roll dice.
- Fixed Tameng Rangkai II.
- Replaced Defected Auton station defense weapon to dual variant.
- Rebalanced several Semesta main weapons damage.

Edit (18/06/2022): It seems I broke the code in sentinel mechanic. LOL
Please re-download again to get the hotfix update. This one can continue save game.
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