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Here you go. Development version 282 attached. Requires API 51 or above (will work back to 1.9b3).
There have been a few fixes which I am fairly vague about as I did them quite a while ago and can't remember the details.
I had already fixed the BM ranks but hadn't uploaded it!
Also fixed a 'Damage/Repair' action bug.
And fixed the dbg error which was showing in Play mode.
There was a glitch in adding currency to the playership (I think) which is now fixed. This took a few tries.
The new St Kats Arcology is recognized now.
A Kibo start Taipan has been added when playing with the Near Stars expansion.
Centauri ranks have been added but not tested a lot. Let me know if they need adjusting.
The 'Scuttle' action has been removed from the ambush outcome when you open an abandoned cargo container. You can still scuttle the container but need to redock after the enemy ships start to attack you. This is for better gameplaying with the Taipan mod selected but when not playing the Taipan playership.
Might have done other stuff too, not sure.
EDIT: Added a debug console shortcut, (gi). This is a lambda for '(scrGetItem gScreen)' which saves a bit of time when testing.

You will need to start a new game to use this version.
Taipan GodShip dev 282.zip
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