[Mod] Playership Drones v5

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What was posted about v5a is now v6, and what was about v6 will be for v7.

Playership Drones v6 has been uploaded to Xelerus, but PSD5 will remain for now for those who stick with 1.08b.
Download and Play in 1.9 beta 1...
Drake Technologies (Alpha): More hardware for combat in parts 1 and 2!
Star Castle Arcade: Play a classic arcade game adventure, with or without more features (like powerups)!
Playership Drones: Buy or restore exotic ships to command!

Other playable mods from 1.8 and 1.7, waiting to be updated...
Godmode v3 (WIP): Dev/cheat tool compatible with D&O parts 1 or 2.
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