Mining Pack 2 Update

Post about your finished mods here.
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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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I know it has been a long time since MP get an update, but WTS and I have had real life to deal with so haven't been able to work on it. However, I am progressing slowly on the coding side and WTS should have time soon to help with the graphics and organizational side that he is so good at.

MP2 is going to be a complete rewrite of MP1 for several reasons. First T has changed since MP1 came out and we have to make sure that the new code works with T1.1...The other things is that as I learn more about Tlisp, the scripting language for T, the more I can do.

The new Mining Pack is being built around a new device core called the Advanced Industrial Mining Suite (AIMS). One of the things that people didn't like was having to reequip for mining. To reduce that the AIMS system uses only a single weapons slot and combines the functions of a Asteroid Scanner, Targeting Mining Weapon, Ore Collector, Ore Processor, and Asteroid Hazard Shield all in one device. A side benefit of the AIMS system is that it is capable of installing/uninstalling itself and other weapons. So you can switch between the AIMS system for some mining or plug in your favorite death ray for blowing things up on the fly. For the casual T miner the basic AIMS system is all you need. However, roms and modules will be available to extend the capabilities of the AIMS system including Scanner and Weapons upgrades. Different functions can be turned on or off at need.

Ore Collecting and Processing are automatic functions in the AIMS system. Simply fly over some floating ore and the ship will scoop it up and separate it into ingots or gas tanks in the case of Helium Regolith, slag (silicate, crystalline, and metallic), and finally volatiles. Asteroid Hazard Shields is something new. The MP2 will include hazards to asteroids including debris, explosions, radiation, and more. Why? To reduce the free and easy money factor. No gain with out risk. :D

Refining, armor extrusion, and other new functions will be a separate optional device from the AIMS system.

Other things to look forward to are new ores, new resources, new fuels, and other goodies being cooked up by WTS. Stay tuned and keep on smashing rocks!:D
Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Where is mod, news, etc? Very much time went off, but nothing new about MP2.
Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Great news that the mod is still beng worjed on.
Could you post a list of the raw materials whch are being carried over fron version 1.5?
I ask this because I am considering making a mod which wilk be dependant oon mining pack.
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