Betel's Storage Stations

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An update of Betel's broken Storage Stations mod.

Players can store known items in the stations for a fee. These items are safe from Salvagers and NPCs.
There is also the option to have the items transported to one of the other storage stations. Also for a fee.

Future upgrades include:
A Storage Computer item. The player will be able to use this to check which items are in which station.
Being able to get items from one of the other stations delivered to the current station.
Adding a Storage Station to existing stations. Probably Startons. H/t to Kaama.

Known issues:
There is a slight rounding error with items less than 10 kg. It means 9kg can be added to a transport order for free.
Station placement is erratic. There are a minimum of 1 and maximum of two stations in level 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9 systems. So between 3 and 6 stations in each game. They often aren't evenly spaced. Will work on making it better.
The same mix of items appears in every destroyed station regardless of where it is. Need to work out how to refer to system level when adding "other" station items in <OnDestroy>.

Thanks to Betel for the original mod, Xephyr for the station image, Kaama for feedback, community members for code help and NMS for an explanation of the maths functions.
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