Trade Items Extension Ideas Submission Thread

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This mods has immense possibility of content ideas, but I often running out of ideas to add more content to this mods. Perhaps I should give in Trade Items Extension UNIDs (0xD845F000 - 0xD845FFFF) into public use. If you want more new item in this mods, you can submit your ideas in this thread with this form:
  • UNID: &itTIE[UNID]
  • Name:
  • Level:
  • Value:
  • Mass:
  • Frequency:
  • Description:
  • UNID: &itTIERedRice
  • Name: Barrel of Red Rice
  • Level: 1
  • Value: 80 credits
  • Mass: 200 kg
  • Frequency: Rare
  • Description: "High carbohydrate and vitamin B than other rice variants, but it has worst taste at all."
You can add anything from food, luxury, resources, medical items, cube items, and even ore. Make sure the items were balanced enough to be added in Trade Items Extension.

You can also add a new food corporation to this mods. Describe your food corporation and add at minimum 5 food items.


Green Farm Industry
Mostly they produce common foods from agriculture and livestock.
- Potato;
- North flour;
- Onion, etc.
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