Project Renegade patch for 1.9b3

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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Thanks to a prompt by a couple of members, I whipped up a patch which allows the Renegade extension to work in 1.9b3.
It only fixes the 'Cannot create system Sanzu' error during game creation. There may be more bugs, I haven't done any play-testing but Rengade will load and the systems appear in the game.

Known issues with Renegade:
The galactic map background image is out of scale. It is an easy fix but I will leave it for a while in case anyone sees more bugs, let me know and I'll fix them all at once.

Some tech details:
The <StationType UNID="&stValorEncounter;"> had two lines in the XML, 'scale="ship"' and 'shipEncounter="true"'. These seemed to be causing the error.
The mod is an copy of the 'stValorEncounter' UNID with these two lines deleted which overwrites the existing UNID in the Renegade code. Because the game reads mod code last, it accepts this modified UNID as the one to use and the error causing code doesn't affect the game.

Requires game version 1.9b3 or later.
Download this mod and put it in the Extensions folder.
The two Renegade .tdb files must be in the Collection folder.
Select the Renegade Patch 1.9b3 mod in the game start screen and the game should start normally.
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Militia Lieutenant
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Well relanat, Renegade has its own Ministry entry, you could start there. You have already solved one of the bugs (the game does not start).
Some of those bugs you reported yourself, go have a stab at it i would say. Your coding skills have grown seriously since you made those posts....
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