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Wolfy wrote:they have an annoying wait timer, and they only let you download so many items or bytes per day, so if you exceed the amount, you can't use it till the next day -_-
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Wolfy wrote:ugh, 4shared?
You can use xelerus (or, if its over 5MB) devdb's forums (or, if its over 10MB) I can host it
Looked through my links and found one that was a devdb link. It no longer is valid and shows bluehost 404.
I don't recall if I had a lot of the stuff uploaded... so umm whatever.
Or maybe the site moved. If so, could you PM me a link to where it is now if it still exists.

Or I guess I should start to create readme/template anyway for a Nexus page when that time comes from my backups...
Some of the smaller stuff might fit on xelerus with some ultra compression, but making 20 pages on xelerus just doesn't make sense at all not convenience in downloading it.

Any Idea's Wolfy? I seem to have lost the original link.
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