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Komoro Station Adventure, conceptualized by George Moromisato.

Topological location:
* Somewhere near Point Juno, possibly branching out at Point Juno.

* One main sequence star, Heian, in the system.

* Komoro, a gas giant orbiting Heian at ~16 light-minutes.
-> Komoro Station is located at Heian-Komoro L1.
-> Some Corporate Hierarchy stations at L2.
-> The sole gate in the system is at L3.
-> At L4 & L5 are the agricultural stations.

* A planetary nebula appears from L4-L3-L5.
* Beyond the orbit of Komoro is dense nebula, like in Heretic.

Background information on Heian:
* Heian system only has one gate, rendering it naturally protected against invasion.
* For this reason, Heian is home to many agricultural stations, which provide most of the food supplies for the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Fleet in the Outer Realm.
* Recently, though, the CSC Task Force assigned to defend Heian had to depart the system, apparently the Ares were amassing a fleet at Point Juno... they haven't returned since.
* Almost immediately after, contact was lost with Komoro Station. Any ships sent toward the gate or Komoro Station seemed to vanish.
* The real reason for this is a Xenophobe fleet blockading the system, and sabotaged communication and defense systems at Komoro Station, courtesy of a double-agent. Both of which are all in preparation for a massive assault on the system.
* For the time being, the colonies have been left to fend for themselves against raids from hidden Kobol Warlords' bases in the outer nebula.

Mission objectives:
* Stop the raids on the colonies by the Kobol Warlords.
* Restore contact with Komoro Station.
* Break the Xenophobe fleet blockade.
* Prepare defenses and organize the irregular forces for the inevitable Xenophobe assault fleet.
* Find the traitor to prevent them from striking again at the most inconvenient moment.
* Defend the entire system and drive off the Xenophobes once and for all.

* Solve at least one clever puzzle involving Transcendence's handling of wreck physics.
* Explore the system, finds ranging from hidden bases to an important hotfix ROM.
* Dramatic and humorous dialogue trees, and a meaningful, character-driven plot progression.
* Lots of shoot-em-up gameplay.
* Grinding and fetch quests... - just kidding.
* Build defenses in strategic locations, taking full advantage of the terrain.
* Arm, organize, and command multiple squadrons of ships.
* Adjust strategies in real-time to counter the enemy AI's movements.

Purposes of Komoro Station Adventure:
* To demonstrate:
-> The MissionType architecture.
-> A battle involving close to a hundred ships simultaneously across the entire system, and the various sub-components required (RTS-style command and control, wingmen, and AI in general)
-> Good game design, something intuitive and fun, yet innovative.

* Ideally, to provide a killer-app for the launch of the Mod Exchange. (It will be completely free)
* For George, an internet birthday present from a random stranger. (A first? Heh)
* And for you, the player, a well-designed 1-2 hour adventure that is both superbly entertaining and subtly educational.

ETA: Variable (Depends on the demand for this and George's birthday)

So what do you think? Please tell!
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It sound great! One thing though, how do you plan on making the missions?
The fleets and system don't look too hard to make, but that's the one thing that concerns me right now.
<Missiontype> is relatively new, and I haven't really touched it with TypCreate yet.

Another possible issue:
100 ships? :D :D :D :D :D

If you need any help, just subcontract it to me on IRC! :D
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