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Mon May 15, 2017 12:35 pm

So a few months later, and some development updates:

Dropbox is out

With dropbox finally killing off public links and making it virtually impossible to host through them, I'm abandoning that service. Unfortunately, this leaves no current download for SM&M++. I'm looking into future solutions for hosting my works, including Multiverse.


Out with the old, in with the new

I try to clean up and rewrite my mods (well..mod. Let's be honest) about once a year. This time I'm doing something new. After about seven years, it's time to sunset Shrike's Mines and Missiles. The scope has grown so much over the years that the name wasn't accurate, and the old way of making the mod was no longer feasible.

Instead, I'm reworking the mod using a more modern approach. While I'm not going to make the jump to libraries, I'm currently reworking my UNIDs, streamlining and updating as much code as possible, and setting things up so I can do more things with the tools I've made over the years. That means breaking everything up into modules, and reworking the codebase so it's easier to work on and update.

Unfortunately, this requires a complete break with the old mod in terms of compatibility. While it's built on the bones of the old SM&M++ project, the new mod basically starts from scratch and is ultimately a different project with a different objective. As such, I'm going to retire this thread and wait until I've got the new one operational before starting a new one. It's going to take a while: SM&M++ in its final version has over 260 custom UNIDs and a significant number of overridden vanilla entities to catalogue, move and update to the new project. But once it's done I should be able to move on to more interesting things than simply adding more tools for players (as much as I've enjoyed doing just that).

I will, however, try to get the final version of SM&M++ hosted somewhere so that anyone who wants to play it in the meantime can do so. It's stable for 1.7, has everything more or less as it should be, and is about as good as that project could ever get.
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