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Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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Sun May 01, 2016 6:22 am

2016 05 01 Usable Usables screen shot.jpg
2016 05 01 Usable Usables screen shot.jpg (174.59 KiB) Viewed 3438 times
v0.10 alpha
2016 May 1
d064_Usable Usables 0.10
(20.73 KiB) Downloaded 135 times
This mod makes the following change (overwrites) to vanilla usables:

Weapon enhancers and the weapon optimizer ROM now pull up dockscreens so the enhancers can be used on any weapon on the ship, whether that weapon is installed or uninstalled, damaged or undamaged. They are now useful for repairing damaged items.

Shield enhancement ROMs, shield cubes, and field crystals also pull up dockscreens now, allowing any shield to be enhanced or repaired. Field crystals' enhancements are now permanent instead of temporary.

The yellow etherium crystal, used to make shields reflect positron energy, was reduced from level 11 to level 10 so it would actually spawn.

"Bad" items, such as the defective weapon enhancement ROM, were not overwritten. Reason: allowing those to be used on uninstalled items removes too much risk.

New items: positron upgrade, plasma upgrade, civilian launcher enhancer, military launcher enhancer, and slotless quantum CPU

This is an alpha release. Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

Fleet Officer
Fleet Officer
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Sun May 01, 2016 6:53 am

Thou Hast been a very busy Pilot...ummm, Commander ...well, you deserve the Rank, obviously.

Your contributions to the Fleet will make the Ares quake in their boots!
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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:38 am

Nice work. Works well. I did a GodMod run.

The way the installed launcher is always at the top of the list when using launcher enhancers is excellent.

Slotless CPUs may be too common, there seemed to be a lot of them around, but this is based on one runthough so maybe not (there were a lot of Ringer Shipyards in this particular game).

The weapon repair from enhancers is great. It's very useful. I've seen mods in the past that let you repair weapons and always liked them.

It would be nice to be able to use items (eg laser amplifiers) one after the other to enhance weapons. Instead of "U"sing each one individually. ie have the dockscreen go back to "Use enhancer" if there is another suitable enhancer there, rather than "Continue" to an undock regardless.

Good stuff. :)

PS: I had a Kaidun with particle reflect installed. I used a ShieldEfficiiency cube on it (via a slotless CPU) and I got the message "Your shield is more efficient". But the shield wasn't more efficient and retained the particle reflection. I couldn't make it happen again. Probably an example of your "cubes won't work sometimes" bug.

PPS: The download file has a whole lot of XML~ Files in it. Not sure if that's meant to happen.
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:11 pm

relanat wrote:
Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:38 am
I used a ShieldEfficiiency cube on it (via a slotless CPU) and I got the message "Your shield is more efficient". But the shield wasn't more efficient and retained the particle reflection.
Can confirm this.
Happens with both efficiency and power shield upgrade cubes used via a slotless CPU.

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