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Here's a pack of random ship graphics overrides, made for Halloween.

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ORIGINAL                         REPLACEMENT                    SOURCE
Earth Slaver                     Egg Slaver                     original
Earthzone-class armed shuttle    Earthzone-class armed shuttle  redesign
Gaian Processor                  Gaian Harvester                redesign
Heavy IAV                        Radiant Guardian               original
Heliotrope frigate               Druuge Mauler                  The Ur Quan Masters
Heliotrope gunship               Druuge Mauler                  The Ur Quan Masters
Himal Interceptor                Himal Interceptor              redesign
Light IAV                        Radiant Scout                  original
Luminous Drone                   Earthling Cruiser              The Ur Quan Masters
Manticore-class gunship          Athena-class super gunship     original
Medium IAV                       Radiant Soldier                original
Mule Auton                       Mule Auton                     redesign
T31-class armed transport        Mikeno-class Destroyer         Transcendence
T55-class armed transport        USB                            original

Outlaw Camp                      Outlaw Soup Can                original

If you have any more ideas for graphics replacements, please tell me.
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