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Hello and I hope you are doing well to anyone reading this.

I started playing this game when I was 7 years old in 2006 when my older cousin introduced me to the game. I've always been heavily interested in computers and video games from a very young age.

Transcendence created a passion in me that has genuinely transferred into my career nowadays. I did not even know what coding was, but I found out I could open up the Transcendence files unlike a lot of games and see text. I recognized quickly that these weren't just random text files and that they were obviously intentionally typed in an odd way. That's when I figured out that these probably affect the game, so then I searched through to anything recognizable in game. I eventually found the name of a weapon I knew about in game, then read the text. I interpreted a bunch of texts to represent damage, speed, color, etc. I realized the hex code was representing the color and I started changed the numbers and sure enough the weapon colors changed. I had no idea what hex code was or how a text document actually affected a game, but it literally gave me a foundation/passion for coding. I didn't realize until much later that I was "coding" even if it was rudimentary.

This game has been fundamental to my childhood and the career path I've chosen, both for joy and exploring my interests.

I noticed that George hasn't been created updates as of recent, and I understand that. But I want it to be known that this game still stays in the heart of many players even if they don't verbalize it.

Perhaps a development team could be formed so that the game will have updates and bug fixes? I know George is probably living life to the fullest outside of Transcendence and I wish him the best, but I do believe this game can continue to expand appropriately.

Please let me know your thoughts, and thanks for listening!

May Domina pave your path to enlightenment!
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I am not quite as an old player as you are, but I also agree, Transcendence still has a special place in my heart.

Sometimes I still boot up the game and watch the ships duke it out on the intro screen.

Best wishes to you and anyone else reading this!
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