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Greetings and salutations. I have been known by many names, but you may call me Azurhoden (though my wife gets upset if I don't respond to "Robert" when she calls).

I have grown a fondness for Transcendence since I began playing a few months ago. It is a simple, fun game that is surprisingly addicting. I especially love the modding aspect, and I have scoured Xelerus for all kinds of great mods to add to my game. Saber's BSG mod (with the wing-man extension) is one of my favorites. Then of course I began playing with the guts of the mods myself: I tweaked Saber's BSG mod a little, to up date the graphics to 3D. I also added a new unit (The Raptor) to get the ion torpedo launchers off the vipers (they were WAY too much over kill). I have a great many ideas for things that might pair well with this game platform. I'd like to do a Yamato2199 mod including both a player-ship Yamato with Cosmo Zero and Cosmo Falcon fighters, and a player-ship/AI Gamilon (Gamilas) Fleet that actually moves to take Star-systems aggressively. I'll need to beef up on my XML to get the AI to work correctly, but I'm hoping my ideas will find appeal in this community. I'd also like to look into making the planets interactive (like docking at a space station but you'll need the "landing gear" mod to do it), as well as player constructed/operated space stations (maybe a DS9 mod?).

I think I have some good ideas that will make the game fun. I hope others will like my ideas as well.

Thanx for your time.

I am Azurhoden
A.K.A.: Robert
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