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i've been playing this game off and on since like...2008

i saw this game on steam and it renewed my interest.
i have not purchased it yet, still playing the free version

i'm currently playing through on version 1.7

i only just now decided to register for the forums, seeing as i had some questions that don't seem to have any answers.
i just discovered the Osaka ship in the official mods section so i'm using that right now. probably never noticed it because i had to register to see it. . .
I don't know how active the community for this game is.
there don't seem to be a lot of people which is sad since the game is pretty good.
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Welcome to the forums!

The game is still in active development, and there are a lot of discussions on IRC/Discord (I'm on discord myself).
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/mhrSfbH
IRC: http://webchat.freenode.net/?nick=Heret ... xMT0xNTQ3f

There's also the George weekly streams on twitch if you want to talk to the developer: https://www.twitch.tv/kronosaurproductions

If you want more mods the forums has a bunch, and Xelerus.de (the old mod hosting site) has a bunch of them too. Currently we're trying to move all the good mods onto George's Multiverse.
Tutorial List on the Wiki and Installing Mods
Get on Discord for mod help and general chat
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welcome :D
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Welcome !!!!!!!!

yes, these pilots appear to be few and quiet....but I learned that many pilots in the game often come to look up information without registering ( like I did originally ) .

But don't let that fool you into thinking this is all of the players :
Transcendence forums are made ( translated ) in different languages by some players - I know of forums in Polish & Chinese , I think I recall something about one in Japanese ( but it's been a long time since we heard from them, we might have to send a CSC to go check on them ).

Playing Transcendence, like many other user friendly games ( such as Morrowind, Dark Orbit, EVE, etc ) , has a wealth of information ( or an over-load of information ) available in the forums and many players never feel they need to join in the forums until that one day they have a Super Great Idea....or a nagging question.

Often "Super Great Ideas" are sharing your opinions or observations - I did that once.....
they took away my ship and made me clean the docking ports :)

But seriously, even if you don't think of something revolutionary, stick with the forums because there are great minds and artists involved here ( they also have a life so they don't post as often as we are thirsty for their latest projects )

I remember when the Tabika ship was first introduced, it was HUGE, wouldn't even fit in the Arena, but it was Awesome to be one of the first to get hold of it and play it in game.

and there are many other things that come out first here on the forums as ideas or proposals that you might never find on http://xelerus.de ; but there are many things on xelerus that have been forgotten over time that still function well with the latest versions.

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