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Name: Amteloletom
Age. : Young
Species : Homo sapiens
Favorite ships: Jaeger class-strikeship
Reason traveling spaces: To find the reason why we exist, and why we need to pray Domina
Sex chromosome: XY
Country: Wkwkland

I'm playing this game since 2015. I see this game had a lot of potentials to improve, and I'm glad I found this game. I really interested in space sci-fi game like this, it really brings the game atmosphere with deep lore and storyline. Also, a kind and humble community created this game more than great. It just awesome. I hope that I could help too, although I don't know much about coding or things like that, and grammar was not very good. I will learn more later.
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Militia Captain
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Welcome. I also enjoy the lore and storyline. It adds to the game IMO. And, yes, the community here is awesome. Very friendly and helpful.
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