Stealth CSC Luna

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I want to see a stealth CSC and would like it to be called the CSC Luna. Its existence is so secret that only the top military officials know of its existence and whereabouts. The player however can get hints to its whereabouts while playing.

The objective of the Luna is explore and confirm existential threats. Unlike other CSCs that deal with direct confrontation against predetermined enemies, the Luna scours on the fringes of systems and avoid fights if possible. However, its armament, speed and firepower allows it do a fast powerful strike with ease.

I would like to see a side storyline where the CSC Luna deals with the Luminous, striking of Ares/Sung/Omnithor/Ranx research facilities, Corrupted Ais, Xenophobe Arks, and even remnant Icroym sentinels. Eventually, there should be a path in which the player would help the Luna determine who is the bigger threat, Domina or Oracle. Of course, as a pilgrim, Oracle would be the bigger threat, but not all stories are told in full context and the player has to decide which path they are to pursue. Either way, the player doesn't cut ties with Domina, just will question themselves more.

This CSC would use massive forms of stealth armor and use stronger forms of Katana Star Cannons that I will name as Odachi Star Cannons. The Luna moves around relatively fast for a CSC, since it has a much smaller hanger bay in exchange for a more massive engine. It utilizes a strike fast and run doctrine. It also has a secret weapon called the Wakizashi Star Cannon, that's basically like an Ion flamethrower.

Armament Ideas:
-P1000 Massive Stealth Armor - Equivalent to the P1000 Hexaphase armor in strength and is also immune to most negative effects. Some sources say, this is technology was adapted from Worldship Armor and Pacific Defense's previous failed attempts at making combat competitive stealth armor.
-Odachi Star Cannon - A secret project funded by the joint efforts of Pacific Defense and Bushido Corporation to make a competitive Ion cannon to Earth Industry's Heavy Ion Cannon. Publicly, the project has deemed cancelled but some sources say, it's being actively used in secret to prototype a superior version. It fires Ion streams that ionizes devices and passes through armor.
-Wakizashi Star Cannon - An ironic epitome of Bushido engineering, this weapon was designed to mimic Icroym weapons of mass destruction using human technology. Instead, it mimics the properties of a plasma cannon. It fires a massive concentrated stream of ions, tearing apart structures and armor at the atomic level. Unfortunately, such a weapon requires such massive energy, that human technology hasn't found a way to fully power it.
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