Device Slots and Storage should inversely correlate after base storage value

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I think the concept of storage is a bit weird. For player ships, there is an arbitrary expansion value regardless of the ship's characteristics. Furthermore, trading cargo expansion is a unique single slot device that somehow produces different cargo values for different ships. I want to kill two birds with one stone with my solution to this oddity of how storage works.

The main concept here is that device slots are inversely proportional with cargo space. The more device slots you use, the less cargo space and vice versa. In the other words, there is a device to cargo space ratio. However, you don't want every device slot to use cargo space because realistically, a reactor slot shouldn't be used as cargo space. Therefore, there is a minimum amount of device slots before device slots start trading for cargo space. These are base device slots and there can be more than one. The non-base device slots are called extraneous. Thus, all ship with base device slots used or less start with the maximum amount of cargo space. However, it would be unrealistic to have that device to cargo space exchange lead to zero cargo space. Therefore, there is also a minimum cargo space. Thus the formula would be ( max - min cargo space ) / extraneous device slots. This ratio also implies a maximum amount of device slots.

Here's an example:
The EI500 has a storage space of 200 cargo tons and 10 maximum device slots (type doesn't matter here). Let's say 5 device slots are extraneous and 5 are basic, and that the minimum cargo space for the EI500 is 100 cargo tons. That means each extraneous device used would consume 20 cargo tons, because (200-100)/5 = 20 cargo tons/extraneous device slot.

This allows for more dynamic balancing with device slots. Realistically, this implementation would nerf the EI500 and actually all player ships. Therefore, this would justify more device slots and more storage.

For example, the Wolfen/C starts with 100 cargo space and 8 device slots. Assuming the minimum cargo space is 35 cargo tons and it has 3 extraneous device slots, that means (100-35)/3 = 21 cargo tons/extraneous device slot. Each extraneous device slot you use would use 21 cargo tons. Honestly, this is restricting so I would either increase the maximum or minimum storage space, or increase extraneous or base device slots. These multitude of options are great to help differentiate ships.

I want to know what people think about this proposal.

P.S. I just want to add that cargo expansions would be rendered useless. To me, this is perfectly fine. A mining cargo expansion would instead be a mining arm that can pick up ore fully. A trading cargo expansion would instead be equivalent to a trading computer ROM but as a device.
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I agree with you that the storage is weird. I would like to see no difference between cargo/mining/drones. Keep the smuggler one. Make those holds in different sizes like small medium and large and XL. Some ships can't hold large or XL (just like armor). Make it possible to install multiple cargo. Make drone controller (level 1/2/3) which you can install for multiple drones (1/2/3 at the same time). And something like a mining arm. But this is just my two cents.
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