Why Centurion/M using advanced ceralloy instead of P150 Hexphase?

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From balance perspective, advanced ceralloy is more stronger than P150 Hexphase. Both have same hitpoints, but adv. ceralloy has +50% ion resistance and P150 has +25%. Adv. ceralloy have blast weakness, but didn't too affect much. Yes, I know about Ranx. But if they also fighting Ranx, then shouldn't Fleet armors at least have some resistance against them?

In game lore, while advanced ceralloy is "easier to obtain", Hexphase is "used extensively by Fleet". But in practice, Fleet didn't use this armor very much. Centurion/M using adv. ceralloy instead and Hexphase only used by Centurion/X that only appear in ship broker. Which kinda inconsistent.
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