Bribe Commonwealth Customs, Customs Scanning Level, Scan Protection, Scan Modulator, Smuggler Ship

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I think the interaction between illegal items and commonwealth customs can be spiced up. I also propose a ship that uses these mechanics that is more interesting than simply adding a smuggler's cargo bay or an inability to detect illegal goods.

When you dock with items deemed illegal or inappropriate without cargo scanning protection, the Commonwealth Customs can confiscate your goods. However, you can choose to bribe the officials relative to the cost of your goods. For example, if you got 10,000 credits worth of illegal items, the Commonwealth Custom may extort 50% of your illegal values, costing you 5,000 credits. So unless you sell at the station, there is no chance of making a profit and multiple docks would each cost 50%. There is an alternative. You could pay an additional lump sum, depending on the station, to reduce the customs scanning level to 0. A Starton would charge you 100,000 credits and a Station would charge you 25,000 credits, and the Arcology itself would cost you 1,000,000 credits.

There are different levels of customs scanning and scan protection. If customs scanning is higher than your scan protection level, then your goods would be discovered. Otherwise, your goods would pass customs. A Commonwealth Fortress would have a scan level of 4. Your smugglers cargo hold has a scan protection level of 2. This means the Commonwealth Fortress would be able to scan the entirety of your cargo hold for illegal and inappropriate goods. However, if you bought a black market ship, your ship has a base scan protection level of 2, increasing your scan protection with the smuggler's cargo hold to level 4. Now, customs scanning cannot discover your illegal and inappropriate goods.

There is a new illegal device that assists with scan protection called Scan Modulator. This device increases your scan protection level by an additional two levels. Undocking with the Scan Modulator uses an additional 50MW for the next 10 seconds. You cannot disable the Scan Modulator for the next 10 seconds. If you don't have enough power, other items would be disabled in priority for it. A cool way to use this device is actually to compensate for the lack of a Smuggler's Cargo Hold. You can equip other types of Cargo Holds while still being able to smuggle illegal goods.

Lastly, I want to proposed a new ship called the M-43 Transport. This ship is the middle child of the T-31 Transport and the T-55 Transport. The M-43 is designed as a blockade runner for gate to gate transport. Its features represent this. It carries 500 tons of cargo, has six armor plates of up to heavy, high thrust-to-mass ratio, 7 non-weapon device slots, and a built-in scan protection of level 2. Unfortunately, it has very low maneuverability, very high engine power usage, and a single weapon device slot. Its ability to deliver intergalactic goods fast and protected more than makes up for its high maintenance and poor weapon versatility. Commonly seen using Makayev-Energia armor, weapons, and devices The M-43 is not actually built by UAS but is actually a licensed production unit of the failed T-43 to Makayev-Energia, who rapidly repurposed it for a new underground niche. It's often used in service of powerful factions affiliated with the Black Market. Common examples are Marauders and Outlaws.
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hmm .... illicit ways

Maybe a choice? When player is an militia member (which he/she usually is), maybe u should get the option to tell the customs officer that u already confiscated those illegal goods, and are personally bringing them to the incineration ovens. Ofc u tell the officer u mail him the paperwork afterwards. Than, u sell your stuff in the nightclub or wherever, and need to buy for say 10k some paperwork from a clerk (residential section perhaps?) After sending the ''fake'' paperwork to the customs officer u get a reply back your an honourable member of the militia ... ;- )

As for the ship? sure, the more the merry .... pew pew
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It's Raining ...... Xelerus has a wealth of possiblities to expand on.
The Commonwealth Bribe ... I've had it in the past but never did use it in a game.
Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..
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