Blinded status rework

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I don't think I'm particularly photosensitive, but the flickering between normal vision and the static screen is nearly painful to my eyes. A few ideas to prevent this (without having to wait out the effect in map, I am aware of that, it's just boring.)

1. Black flickering
Perhaps the simplest of them all, replacing the static screen with a pure black screen. Could even be implemented as a setting.

2. Poor visual quality
With the scanners impaired, you would be unable to discern any level of detail in nearby entities, leaving them as a white blip. This would make the effect much more significant in combat, as it is constant, and you would be unaware of the type of ship attacking you (or simply flying by), and unaware of their heading, which is important to target armor segments you've already weakened.

3. Ship sensor down, eyes still work!
Rather than completely having your vision flicker on and off, simply limit it to a field of view for the entire effect's duration (if possible, implement different FOVs for different ships, a Sapphire Yacht for instance would have a wider FOV due to being a space yacht and having larger windows for sightseeing.) Maybe also reduce entities in the field of view to a white blip like the previous idea, considering the distance of objects.
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You can also pay attention to the following points:

Adjust the lighting in the room: Make sure the lighting in the room is soft and diffuse, and avoid direct overhead lighting. This will help reduce the contrast between the dark screen and its surroundings, making flickering more noticeable.

Take breaks from screens: Take regular breaks from looking at screens to give your eyes a rest. Get up and move around every 20-30 minutes, or use a flashing reminder tool to help you take a break.

Lower screen brightness: Lowering screen brightness helps reduce the overall intensity of light, making flickering less noticeable.

Use a different screen type: If you're using a CRT monitor, consider switching to an LCD monitor, which is less likely to flicker.
Hope this is useful to you, greetings from MMOexp!
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