When will part II of transcendence will be released ?

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Abhilash das locrym
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When will part II of transcendence will be released ? Will it be out of ''HUMAN SPACE'' ? What kind of new enemies and friends will be there :roll:

How will we talk with aliens ?
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Hi, welcome to the forums,

well, iirc, (wolfy knows the most about this) there will be a very empty Part II by 1.1, (currently at 1.08b) Part II will be finished with the 2.0 release, then part III will be finished with the 3.0 release i think, there is no date currently specified for any release. we know for a fact george is doing some part II work, "interesting" files missing from the released source,
the only time period we have to go on is...

When its done. :D

to answer your second question, yes, it will be out of human space
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...Hum..."Part II will be finished with the 2.0 release"

well... We're at 1.08b...
correct if I'm wrong(and I hope to be), there 'll be 1.09, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 ....1.98, 1.99...2.0!?
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1.0X releases are those george considers not that important to warrant a 1.X release- Generally bugfixes and the like. 1.X releases generally are some sort of content release, where it's a major change. 2.0 will be Part II released (which will be basically a whole other game in and of itself, from my understanding of how George numbers things).

For comparison, look at League of Legends. They're on version >_>;
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