Asymmetrical Coop Quests

Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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I was just thinking that if George implemented the function to store data on the server we could have some switches and be able to send data from different Trans players to make an asymmetrical coop campaign.

Questline Multiverse Intro:
Player 1 finds a wormhole and a derelict spaceship. On it, a message reads "go to X system and defeat the space demon or whatever".
Then player 1 goes to that system and finds an archive that says something to the effect that there is a similar archive on the other side of the wormhole, and that it must be activated at the same time. However, the player can't cross the wormhole just yet. They then find an item that connects them to a multiversal transponder that connects them to the world, (basically a server list of people that want to play togther). Then Player 1 finds Player 2, and then they go find their respective systems.
The two players have to fight the their respective bosses, and the bosses have to die within a span of one hour of each other (there can be different bosses for each player).

Then the wormholes allow players to go to other player's universes.
Players cannot inhabit the same system.
Crates and stations will transfer over "aka destroyed stations by an outside player stay destroyed and players can leave gifts for each other".

What do you guys think? This means we can do a multiplayer requiring players to cooperate, albeit without actually interacting with each other. Give me thoughts and ideas.
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That sounds brilliant!

The save-file transfer protocol would have to be direct from one player to the other, in order to minimize server load, and it would need to be resent every time you gated, in order to effect changes (or perhaps only the systems the other player entered need to change?) that said, I stand behind any and all projects which increase inter-player interaction.
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