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Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:32 pm

I now have a reasonably complete rumor framework for testing. This will make it much easier to add new rumors to stations e.g. Commonwealth Slums and the pub screen. The framework uses two events (GetRumors and GetGlobalRumors) and a new function msfShowRumor which can be used in a similar way to rpgMissionAssignment. The GetRumor event is supported on both stations and missions so it is easy to have rumors change depending on the status and outcome of missions.

When a station needs to display rumors you can use a call to msfShowRumor (or put the companion function msfGenerateRumor inside a "noMissions" Text tag so it gets called by rpgMissionAssignment when there are no missions available)

The rumor framework then builds up a list of suitable rumors by calling GetRumors on all active stations and all missions (both active and completed - so major missions can create rumors in multiple systems), GetGlobalRumors is called on all types. The returned rumors have three parts:
  • Text to display
  • A priority (higher priority rumors are more likely to be displayed)
  • Optional code which will be run if the rumor is shown (can be used to reveal stations as done by the pub rumors)
In the attached mod I have added rumors for the Benedict mission and the Kronosaurus (the Raisu rumors have also been rewritten as mission rumors rather than fixed in the StationType definitions)

EDIT - the latest version can be found on github: here
(95.37 KiB) Downloaded 104 times

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