I had this hankerin' for EMP Grenades

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I was going to try to put some in an extension, then I found that Shrike had already did some work on EMP projectiles.

Sooooo...I was thinking, IF they could be included into the game....could a disabled ship be boarded ?

In Naev*** a damaged & disabled ship is on a count down to explosion, so you would basically have to reach it then get in and out fairly quickly.
However a ship you simply take down with the EMP grenades can recover and fly away ( usually 'gate rather then restores it's previous orders )


* I am currently playing Eternity Port : to me, it's starting out very much like "The Worst Case Scenario" ( by FAD: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=998) & I am really enjoying the challenge. I have already upgraded my Armor & have a Hull Plate Ionizer, Disposable Launcher (tracking).
The exploration of the systems is really fun again :) I have forgotten what it was like to not "know everything" :)

***While I do have the latest Naev, I have not played it , just looked at the changes to missions.
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