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george moromisato
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Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:26 am

With the upcoming feature to sell complete ships at shipyards, I'd like to define some ship build outs to sell. I would like to hear suggestions for the best/most interesting build outs that you can think of, subject to the following constraints:

EI500 Level 4
* 100 MW reactor
* Level 4 armor
* Level 4 shields
* 2 Level 4 weapons
* 1 bonus: Either a misc device, or an enhancement, or some special item (e.g., auton).

Sapphire Level 5
* 100 MW reactor
* Level 5 armor
* Level 5 shields
* 2 Level 5 weapons
* 1-2 bonuses

Wolfen Level 6
* 150 MW reactor
* Level 6 armor
* Level 6 shields
* 2 Level 5 weapons
* 1 launcher (<= level 5)
* 2 bonuses

1. The goal is to create build outs that players would actually want (particularly novice players who may not know the best device combos).
2. If you want to change up the levels, that's OK (i.e., if you want to suggest a Level 6 EI500, that's OK).
3. If you want, you can replace a level N device with a level N-1 device + an enhancement (or an enhancement device)
4. If you want, you can replace a level N device with a level N+1 device, as long as you drop another device 1 level (e.g., Level 4 ship with level 5 shields but a level 3 weapon).

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Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:01 am

I took levels from the wiki, so it may be a bit outdated, but I like the idea of randomizing some of the features but building towards clear themes.

EI500 Level 4
* 100 MW reactor
* Quad titanium barricade
* Ceratops 1T quasi-armor
* RK15 turret, OTL
* + patcher arm OR miners' cargo bay upgrade OR random enhancement on all 4 armor segments(+laser+kinetic, +30%, +blast, +regen)

-- Set up to endure a lot of damage, and to easily turn less damaged segments towards the enemy while in combat.

Sapphire Level 5
* 100 MW reactor
* Cerralloy armor
* Nephren P25 shield generator
* EMP cannon, Akan 30 cannon(300 rounds)
* + random shield enhancement(+particle, +ion, +blast, +30%), +standard cargo hold upgrade OR Rasiermesser enhancer

-- Set up to safely explore higher level systems, potentially gaining valuable loot from high level enemies.

Wolfen Level 6
* 150 MW reactor
* Advanced Plasteel
* Invincible-class deflector
* Shuriken neutron blaster OR x-ray laser cannon, Moskva 33 repeater OR heavy slam cannon
* Makayev launcher(500 White or 200 White and 100 green)
* +fast to one random weapon, tritium propulsion upgrade OR one relevant weapon enhancer OR +30% shield

-- Set up for high DPS hit and run attacks

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Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:07 am

Caveats with my suggestions:
* I am a speed freak. I dislike heavy armor because it hurts speed.
* I prefer shields with fast regeneration. Thus, for part 1, I tend to favor balanced shields with standard hp and regen stats, such as class I/II/III, Yoroi series, and the like, because they generally have the fastest regeneration stats. Other shields gain resistance or hp at the cost of regeneration.
* You know what I think about targeting program. If that is considered a bonus, targeting program is a no-brainer for everyone. I do not tolerate playing the game without one for long.
EI500: If I play this, I play it for cargo capacity. JBW's loadout is sound for its purpose, but I probably want it to move faster especially when not fighting. I doubt I would tolerate .16c for long.

EI500 Level 4
* 100 MW reactor
* V10 powered armor
* Class III shield
* Omnidirectional turbolaser cannon
* NAMI missile launcher
* Trader's cargo hold

Now that EI500 is stuck with a cargo hold like the Constellation, I assume the trader's cargo hold takes up the bonus. (If not, I suggest targeting program ROM so it can use omni weapons right off the bat. If it has targeting, either tritium propulsion upgrade for speed or patcher arm for armor regeneration.)

Either omnidirectional turbolaser cannon or RK15 is good. RK15 is probably more versatile, but slow shots are annoying. For second weapon, I probably want a launcher, and NAMI is the best (due to enemies using and dropping NAMI ammo) despite being a level lower.

Aside from quad titanium barricades (which has a -.02c speed penalty), powered armor is probably the most durable and it regenerates. If that is too exotic, advanced reactive to match NPCs' loadout should suffice.
Sapphire Level 5
* 100 MW reactor
* Light Blast Plate
* Yoroi S100 shield generator
* Heavy slam cannon
* Omnidirectional particle cannon

Picked light blast plate simply due to mass. As for weapons, heavy slam cannon is most similar to recoilless cannon for the part 1 starter and plasma cannon for the part 2 starter. Omni particle cannon for an Omni weapon. For level 5 shield, it is either Yoroi or Nephren, and Yoroi is a simple no-frills shield. As for bonus, if it lacks targeting program, I want the ROM now! If it has targeting included, I have no idea. Personally, I go either for cargo hold or patcher arm, although ICX would be handy against Dwarg swarms or Death Drugs.
Wolfen Level 6
* 150 MW reactor
* Heavy ceralloy armor
* Yoroi S500 shield generator
* Dual particle beam weapon
* mark I howitzer EMP cannon
* Makayev launcher

For armor, it is either heavy ceralloy for EMP immunity or blast plate for radiation immunity. Since NPCs have polyceramic, heavy ceralloy is the upgraded version. Yoroi S500 is useful enough for non-military. Dual particle beam is good, and it is a direct upgrade from dual (turbo)laser. While I would prefer an omni for a second weapon, Wolfen is agile enough to not need it, and a howitzer would be good for base busting or type coverage when particle is not effective. (EDIT: If we have a launcher for range and WMD, maybe EMP cannon would be good for stunlocking enemies indefinitely for the kill - works for Barbary.) While I prefer NAMI launcher over any non-military launcher, it probably will not be available much if at all around level 6. If we are getting this Wolfen near its system level, Makayev is the only option. Not sure about the bonus.
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Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:17 am

 …Sure, why not.

 I actually like the patcher arm variant of Watson’s setup for the EI100, so I’ll just +1 that.

» Nova-100 reactor
» Hardened plasteel plate
» Yoroi S100 shield generator
» Dual Flenser cannon
» Omnidirectional particle cannon
» Cannon accelerator
» Trader’s cargo hold
 (I consider this a reasonably balanced loadout, fitting of a ship that’s basically the “Mario” of the vanilla playerships. No glaring weaknesses, but not particularly overpowered.)

» 150NX reactor
» Heavy ceralloy armor
» R5 deflector
» Moskva 33 repeater
» Dual x-ray laser cannon
» NAMI missile launcher
 — KM120 Brute missiles (x50)
 — KM500 Stiletto missiles (x50)
» Preinstalled targeting ROM
» Laser colimator
 (Definitely a dogfighting setup. The laser setup will annihilate most gunships, with the Moskva and missiles to take care of harder targets. A bit weak against stations and missiles, though. As a non-military alternative to the R5, I’d recommend a Nephren P25 with a +50% enhancement to make up for the fact that it’s a Level 5 shield, and this would dovetail nicely with the setup against energy weapons.)

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:42 am

This Sapphire is the kind of ship I tend to build; a little overtuned, maybe, but very high damage output. I generally roll with a single primary weapon and a launcher instead of two primary weapons.

Sapphire Level 5
* 100 MW reactor
* Light Blast Plate
* Class V Deflector (or if this ordinarily being unique is a problem, then Yoroi S100)
* Mk. 1 Howitzer
* Makayev Launcher + 200x White Strelka missiles
* Makayev Enhancer
* Smuggler's Hold

EDIT: explanation: I find myself consistently choosing Light Blast Plate when given the opportunity, and grinding out the class V always seems worthwhile, especially if you slap Hiro's optimizer on it, which I haven't done here obviously. Howitzers make base-busting a lot more pleasant, and while they're tricky to use when dogfighting, when you land hits they will hurt, especially with the Makayev enhancer adding 50% damage. The Makayev launcher is just so much more fun than the other options (MAG and NAMI). Who doesn't like spraying ten missiles per second at their targets?

The smuggler's hold is my favorite hold as a rule, but I'd rather put +fast on the howitzer if that's an option.

Wolfen Level 6
* 150 MW reactor
* Mk. 1 Omsk Deflector
* Light Omsk Armor
* Omnidirectional particle turret
* Moskva 33 Repeater
* Makayev Launcher + 200x White Strelka missiles
* Smuggler's Hold
* Titan 440 Fusion Drive

Explanation: since we're level 6 and have access, we might as well show off the Omsk synergies. They aren't amazing, but extra shield strength is always nice, especially if you then slap an enhancer on the shield. The Moskva is a good bread-and-butter weapon, and again, Makayev launchers are nice. I don't really have a good use for a third weapon, so what the heck, slap a turret in there. The drive is wholly overkill; I'd rather enhance the shield if that's an option.

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