Support for side mouse buttons and binding two keyboard keys to same function

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Quite self-explanatory. Most computer mice nowadays have at least two side buttons in addition to classic two+wheel. It would be nice to be able to utilize all of them, especially since it would allow player to use most common combat functions using only mouse, which would be great improvement.

The second...okay, I admit, is due to my own situation. I play TC on two different devices from one thumbdrive, in different locations and situations that means I sometimes prefer most keys laid out on left side of keyboard and sometimes on right. Being able to use two keys for one function would help tremendously.
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 Actually, as long as you’re not using the same key for different things depending on setup, you can already do that with the Settings.xml file. Go down to the keymap section, find the function you’re looking for, copypasta, and change the key on the copy to you want it to use.

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