Transcendence explanation,glossary/jargon list ideas

Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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The whole Transcendence thing can be a bit confusing when you first find it. For ages I considered Transcendence to be Part One! Which it is but also isn't. See, confused already!

A stickied intro page would probably be of assistance to newcomers whether they are experienced gamers or not.

Something like "Transcendence is the game platform, Part 1 is included free with every download and is aka D&O1, SOTP, etc.

Then the difference between CC and EP in terms of how they are either added to the game (CC) or a separate game using a lot of the same stuff (EP).
How VOTG relates to this. The Osaka.
How and where you can get the free Transcendence download, .paid additions, free official mods, free unofficial mods.
Stable vs next version.
Registered/unregistered games.

And a glossary and list of acronyms is IMO really needed.
Transcendence, SOTP, Part 1, vanilla, Domina & Oracus I can all mean the same thing. Not to mention APA, T-55, TBR, extension, Reign In Hell, Mammoth, +150, Shatter, source, LRS, fabricator and many, many more.

I'll have a go at the first part, the intro page, over the next 'vague time period' but don't have any ideas about the glossary. Realistically lots of people need to have access to it to update it as new entries are added so that the whole burden doesn't fall on a few people. It would also allow people who didn't know what a particular term meant to add it themselves for others. The best way to do it IMO. But the format would need to be sorted alphabetically or would be less than useful. Possibly a couple of subsections could be used, eg acronyms, game terms, modding terms, terms relating to specific adventures - so a dedicated EP section maybe.
Anyone got any ideas on the best way to do this? Can a wiki page be linked to forum members only so any member can update it? Would a spreadsheet type format be better? There could be a significant advantage to adding a small image to some entries, is this possible somehow?

Although the forum is a great resource, if someone needs to open a new topic to get an explanation of what is in another topic it could probably be easier to understand. And if a new player, or potential new player, can understand what's happening they are more likely to keep playing.
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