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Here are some of my thoughts on how to improve Transcendence’s premise, which I feel is kind of a weak point (specifically part 1 where the premise is shown to you in the loading screen, then almost completely disappears until Heretic)

What if Domina’s call was on pandemic levels, hordes of ships attempting to leave human space. In Jang’s star (or some system before ares space), the commonwealth military has a star carrier (medical) and some Aquilla’s blockading the stargate. They tell you travel is restricted to prevent swarms of civilians from flooding a war zone. On the perimeter around them container habitats are docked with every kind of ship imaginable. In the habitats, the people called by Domina are dying, and it’s implied that pilgrims who don’t move towards the core will die. Whether that could be a gameplay aspect, if you don’t progress fast enough you start dying, I don’t know. Then the player must find some way to get past the blockade, and whether to help their fellow pilgrims. (if the player flies towards the gate, they get repelled like the walls of Rigel and one of the Aquillas barks at them telling them to get back from the gate)

When the player gets to Heretic, they can go out to the nebula to find hundreds of other pilgrims, many ships not from the commonwealth as well (all non-hostile?), hopelessly flying into the Iocrym’s containment field and getting teleported around, all fish in a barrel for the ruthless Xenophobe fleet patrolling the system (not sure if the Xenophobes are there to try and escape human space, or to prevent the containment field from falling and letting in real aliens as opposed to neo-humans). Again, tons of container habitats filled with fading pilgrims are scattered throughout the system. The Iocrym outposts regularly send drones to destroy a bunch of habitats, instead of the attacking stations needed to complete the system. If you dock with one of the habitats, they beg you to stop the attacks, maybe give you a wing of 5 or so pilgrims with powerful gunships willing to help you. (Maybe have the wing stay with the player until they die or end part 1?)

I'm not sure how any of this would mesh into the lore, so let me know if it clashes with anything.

Thanks for reading!
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There are some really good ideas in there. The Fleet blockade could be set up just before Pt Juno. Or maybe have a low level Militia blockade near St Kats and a tougher Fleet blockade near Pt. Juno.

I like the idea of other pilgrims helping the player, especially in Heretic. Great thinking.

This would make a great mod. Have a go at writing one. Definitely worth it IMO.
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