Couple of simple Suggestions.

Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Hello , i played this game a lot at 99c then have some short comebacks at a bit before 1.1 , 1.5 something and 1.7 . I am toying more with mods than actualy playing, but i guess its the whole charm of transcendence.
there are few simple things that could make game bit better IMHO:
1) add "guard" order to wingmans and autons, ( it was in ug wingman mod, among pletny other things , but i used that mod solely for "guard") it should be guard friendly and if none selected,guard player.
also optionaly "explore" for wingmans
2)Add hardcoded Tinker station in Rigel Aurelius or St Katharine- in huge percent of games random topology doasnt create evn 1 in all systems and thats a shame.
3) MIning: there was zilions mods for that and even some utilities has been added to mining cargo hold and those scaning and mining pods was created, Thing is problem isnt solved :(
Pods are ineficient and expensive. What we need is something like "mining scanner ROM" that would detect ore close to playership when installed. (dunno maybe 20 LS)
So you still need to fly to those asteroids to find ore, but you dont need to shoot at evrything.
Reason: I cleared game in 99c in all default ships without any cheating aka mods, and ofc to do so needed to mine most of ore evrywhere. Ok it was maybe bit funny first time, 2nd time and maybe even 3rd, but replayability of mining without scanner is very low. After couple of games you have woleheartedly enough of that.

Cheers, please think about it.
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There should always be a tinker at Rigel Aurelius, I'm pretty sure.

For mining, my advice is to get your ore by killing Borers, and forget about the ore in the rocks.
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@Derakon: No there is no guaranteed Tinker in Rigel, nor in any other system.

In my current game, there has not yet been any Tinker station at all and I am several systems past st. Kats.
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 There is currently guaranteed to be at least one Tinker generate per game. The problem is actually finding that Tinker. They can show up anywhere up to Jiang’s Star, and if they pop up out in the middle of nowhere? Good luck with that. I agree that adding a guaranteed Tinker in Rigel Aurelius and/or St. Kat’s would be a good anti-frustration measure. Apparently Song also agrees, seeing as she added one to Rigel Aurelius in Elemental Shift.

 Regarding mining, I don’t think anyone’s been happy with it since it was changed back around 1.3 or so — including George, if the conspicuous absence of doing any mining in his streamed playthroughs is anything to go by.

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I LOVE Mining !!!!!!!

However, yes, the changes that were made did make it harder...not more challenge, just harder.

I do edit my personal games so I can mine like I did in older versions, but that's just me.

As for Tinkers, I think the Salvagers need to be associated with the Tinkers : I am still tinkering with making the Salvagers drop loot at the Tinker...but I get side tracked and often forget I was ever doing that.....

So I'll get to working on it again......maybe they will listen this time :)

As for "hardcoding" a station like the Tinkers.....I think that would act as a player's boost more then something to enhance the game being played at the time.....

So I am not in on that camping trip... unless somebody brings marshmallows :)
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Kaama wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 4:38 am

1) add "guard" order to wingmans and autons,
also optionaly "explore" for wingmans
2)Add hardcoded Tinker station
3) MIning:
1, ++ would be very nice
2, meh, those stations are almost useless, items are not good enuf or u dont have the materials for items. Sell damaged loot if u loot it in the first place, and the radiation coating is also something u usally have by that time u ''meet'' a thinker station. Current spawn looks fine.
3, yeah, thats needs fixing for some time now.

4, refit ships of of your wingman, some playtrue's u get the wingman by the time they instant die in any battle :'(
Along whit buying stock ships for wingman that dont or cant do what u need them todo is.... not good.
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Some great ideas here.

The "Guard" order is great. I abused it in PSD by having enough drones set to guard the Korolov mission freighters that I could go off and do other things! I'll add a mod that does this to my list of things to do.

Instead of hardcoding a Tinker in one of the systems, perhaps have a much greater chance of the "guaranteed to spawn" Tinker station appearing near the center of whichever system it appears in. This would remove the "can always find it" bit which seems a bit of a cheat and just make it easier to find in whichever system it is in.
Or possibly make this a feature of every Tinker station which is created? Have them all created near the system center?
Or have one guaranteed to appear before St Kats and another somewhere after that system?
Long term maybe there could be two levels of Tinker station. One that would appear before St Kats and a higher level, up-armored, more feature packed version which appears after St Kats.
One feature I wouldn't mind is having the damaged items in the Tinker stations increase in level as the system level increases.

PM has written some great mining mods. I'm not sure if they work in 1.8 but the ore scanning ROM and cube mod was excellent. Provided the playership was stationary any asteroids with ore in them within 20 - 30 ls would show a pulsing effect if the player has used the ROM or cube. From memory the ROM showed ores up to level 5 and the cube up to level 10.
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