60 FPS demo

Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Tinkered with the source code a bit to make the game run at 60 frames per second. I didn't go too in-depth with it; Rotation rates, animations, fuel use, etc will be twice as fast, so it's not exactly playable yet (a lot of the game is tied into the tps). But, the difference is really striking to me, especially after switching back to play at 30fps.

What do you think? Does your computer run this smoothly, or is it a bit much?

Download the .zip here
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With my computer that is seven or more years old, animation from the demo is a bit too fast, but it animates as smoothly as Endless Sky and other games with 60 fps. I too notice a difference. In short, I WANT THIS!

With the talk of 360 frame ships, we will need 60 fps because faster-turning ships like Wolfen will skip facings if converted to 360 frames without updating to 60 fps. 120 facings Wolfen is as fast as it can turn under 30 fps without skipping frames. If it had 360 frames, it will still be like a 120 facings ship unless we have extra fps to handle it.

There are some weapons with a fireRate that would only be possible with 60 fps. For example 12 shots per second (evenly divided, not six two-shot bursts) is not possible with 30 fps, but it is with 60 dps.

Finally some data fields assume in-game second, which is 60 fps, and others assume ticks, which is 30 fps. It gets confusing, and having ticks and in-game seconds become one and the same would be really nice. Especially when trying to make shields like old-school Lazarus that regenerate in discrete chunks few times per second.

It will be quite a bit of work to get 60fps Transcendence (and various mods that rely on 30 fps) working properly, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.
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Looks good. I assume you've seen the old Improved Physics Engine ticket? Although not completely the same thing - separating the physics update from the behavior could be a good place to start decoupling ticks-per-second from frames-per-second.
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Had a 6 minute flyaround.

The orange rings and stargate on loading were faster.

The Wolfen seemed to rotate faster than normal and possibly there was a bit of surging in the rotation. Difficult to tell and I may have imagined it.
Dual laser cannon fired slower.
Fuel consumption may have been increased but, again, that is subjective.

The only really noticeable thing was a surging which was present during autopilot flight, The Wolfen seemed to fly faster then slower then faster again, etc. It was smooth however, not jerky. "Frames" was showing a range of 36 - 41. The frames always drop to around 40 when autopilot is engaged, whether the ship is moving or not.

The frames are usually run at around high 50s except on autopilot.

XP SP3, Core2 CPU, 6300 @ 1.86GHz, 1.558GHz, 1.97GB of RAM.

Attached the debug output for you.
Nice work.
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One the difficult things I had playing in Transcendence was aiming with fast ships that had fixed projectile weapons - laser cannon, particle cannon, etc. I would play as the Wolfen and the slightest turn left or right would feel like I moved 5 degrees more than I wanted to see. I'm not sure, but it feels like that issues isn't happening here.
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