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I've been thinking a solution for unwanted or hard to sell equipment. Many times, we hoard them until we get frustrated, then we jettison or sell them at a horrid price. What if instead of going through the frustrations in the first place, we can preemptively deal with the items we have while still getting value? This is where I came up with the idea of Scrap. It's a somewhat realistic and convenient way for the player to deal with the frustrations of wanting to get value out of their junk.

So the thought begins here. Your ship must have a way to deal with trash. Otherwise that Hogei Salmon at your local Hotel would've taken the last kilogram of space. So what if you can convert junk into trash that is salvageable by others? In other words, scrap that people want that you cannot use. For example, you got a bunch of alien equipment you don't want and won't sell well. You keep trying to find that Teraton but you know that it would be a huge time sink to do so. Instead, you decide to turn it into scrap. Scrap can have a lot of inherent value by those who can actually salvage it.

So mathematically, I promise the game mechanic of scrapping stuff. You can turn most things into scrap equal to 10% of the value of the junk and 50% of its weight. Some armor, jewels, alien weaponry, or highly reactive substances might be untenable. The player would always see one pile of scrap in their inventory no matter how many items they scrap. The value of scrap is equal to the weighted value of what's scrap. Scrap 10 tons of junk with scrap value of 9000 credits. That means, each ton of scrap is worth 900 credits, because originally, each ton of scrapped equipped was worth 9000 credits.

The key part is not the just the 10% of the value but actually the 50% of the weight. The reduction in weight would allow players to carry more goods. And the additional reason why scrap would be good is that most places accept them from Tinkers to even Commonwealth Star Carriers. So that means plenty of places to dump and less lugging around with frustrations.

The reason why I chose 10% of the value is that most places that treats your equally practically Urak Howitzer as a garbage piece of equipment and would only buy it at 10% of its value. If you are able to scrap something for 10% of it's value knowing that there aren't many places that would want to buy it, it would give you the ability to reduce your weight. The only drawback of course, is that you can no longer use it, duh. If the value is any higher, it would reintroduce the concept of "hoarding it tell I can sell above trash 10% value". If it is any less, the same problem would occur of "why would I scrap if I can sell it at a higher value".

And as an added extra, remember those unscrappable thing? What if there were equipment that allowed you to salvage previous unbreakable items, like orthosteel. I can't imagine a typical compactor being able to sort and break apart military grade armor. Thus, you get a dedicated trash distintegrator to break apart the armor.

I know the easy option in the game is just to jettison and sell it for the cheap but I feel the concept of scrap is a good compromise that alleviates frustrations. Of course, I don't want to just leave it with just my preferred suggestion. An easy way out is to make stations buy everything perhaps in a separate tab for the cheap.

Those are my 2 cents for today.
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Not to rain on your parade, But.. you might want to check out :

However, do not let that blunt your enthusiasm.
We now have new code abilities, graphics, text - a long way from the ticket to Earth....
Now we drive forward to the Core..
your creative mind and some modern visions might just be what we are looking for on the next planet..or station..

Code: Select all

	<!ENTITY stPlayerRecyclotron			        "0xD5120419">
	<!ENTITY trRecyclotron1					"0xD5120422">
	<!ENTITY trRecyclotron2					"0xD5120423">

	<!---	Recyclotron Station		--->
	<StationType UNID="&stPlayerRecyclotron;"
		name=				"Your Recyclotron"
		sovereign=			"&svPlayer;"
		dockScreen=			"Main"
		abandonedScreen=	"&dsAbandonedStation;"
		canAttack=			"true"
		multiHull=			"true"
		armorID=			"&itDiamondLatticeArmor;"
		maxHitPoints=		"1000"
		hitPoints=			"1000"
		repairRate=			"0"
		fireRateAdj=		"15"
		explosionType=		"&vtPlasmaExplosion2;"
		ejectaType=			"&vtWreckEjecta;"

		attributes=			""
		levelFrequency=		"----- ----- ----- ----- -----"
		locationCriteria=	""

		<Image			imageID="&rsPlayerAmmoFact;" imageX="0" imageY="0" imageWidth="96" imageHeight="96"/>
         <Main name=			"=(objGetName gSource)"> 
					Desc="You are currently docked with your recyclotron.  The machinery hums softly behind the bulkheads.">

							<Action name="1 Activate Recyclotron" key="1">
								(block (theItem totalNum)
									(setq totalNum 1)
									(objEnumItems gSource "* -Ore" theItem
										(block Nil
											(setq totalNum (add totalNum 
														(itmGetCount theItem)
															(itmGetMass theItem))
											(objRemoveItem gSource theItem)
										(block (Number)
											(setq Number totalNum)
											(dbgOutput "Number = "Number)
											(setq roll (random 1 10))
											(dbgOutput "Roll = "roll)
												(eq roll 1)
														(loop (gr Number 1)
															(block Nil
																(objAddRandomItems gSource &trRecyclotron2; 1)
																(dbgOutput "Added something 1 "Number)
																(setq Number (subtract Number 1))
												(leq roll 5)
													(loop (gr Number 1)
														(block Nil
															(objAddRandomItems gSource &trRecyclotron1; 1)
															(dbgOutput "Added something 2 "Number)
															(setq Number (subtract Number 1))
												(geq roll 6)
													(loop (gr Number 1)
														(block Nil
															(objAddItem gSource (itmCreate 0x40BE 1) 1)
															(dbgOutput "Added waste "Number)
															(setq Number (subtract Number 1))
									(scrSetDesc gScreen "The Inventory has been converted to resources")
							<Action name="2 Deposit to station inventory" default="1" key="2">
								(block Nil
									(setq gPrevScreen "Main")
									(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsJettison;")
							<Action name="3 Retrieve from station inventory" key="3">
								(block Nil
									(setq gPrevScreen "Main")
									(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsLoot;")
							<Action name="4 Undock" cancel="1" key="4">


			<Port x="0"	y="30" />
	<!--- random item tables  --->
		<ItemTable UNID="&trRecyclotron1;">
			criteria=			"* +Ore"
			level=				"3"
			levelCurve=			"2"
		<ItemTable UNID="&trRecyclotron2;">
			criteria=			"* +Ore"
			level=				"6"
			levelCurve=			"4"
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