1.9 beta 2 bugs and requests and other things

Bug reports for the different beta versions of transcendence.
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EDIT: did another hour of a game. Borers and Hammerheads never leave wrecks. Mining otherwise seems... quite good, compared to the past. I like seeing evidence of "no ore" immediately. (I wouldn't even mind if that "no ore detected" isn't entirely accurate... that could be something that software you install makes more accurate, whether or not your weapons are likely to find ore).
I'm not sure if the game is telling me I'm losing ore by using one type of mining thing against the wrong type of asteroid, but that's really no matter. It's solidly profitable. (Infinitely moreso if the waves of miners every time I strike an ore deposit would leave wrecks).
Had no weird bugs. I liked that missions didn't seem to run entirely dry right at the start. In my mind missions shouldn't be that difficult to find... in fact in my mind I think a lot of destroyed stations should have a tiny, tiny, tiny chance of re-building themselves with each amount of time passed in a game, stuff like that. Stuff that makes the game not run out. But I know that's counter to the roguelike "clear a level, onto the next". Anyway.



Bugs -
I only played an hour or so last night before my game ended with a crash, but this is what I saw:
-I saw the "Earth Slavers don't leave wrecks" bug report, but it doesn't seem to just be Earth Slavers not leaving wrecks like in that one bug report. I see Vikings and smuggler T31's also leave no wrecks. I'm sure there are a ton of others. Dunno if they all got fixed.

-Also there's a little typo in the first Militia missions you can get in Eridani: the third mission misspells "Heroes" as "Heros".

-At the first medical station I found I took the path where I chose to stop following Domina. That was a fun little thing. But instead of killing me it just crashed the game with
2020-09-08 22:49:17 Crash in CHumanInterface::MainWndProc
I don't know if there's more to that, but I thought it could be fun if there were other paths for that conversation to take... like if you aren't a level 0 Domina acolyte or w/e, Domina protects you and the scientist ends up dying, something like that. Anyway, that's where my game ended.

-Your forum sign-up asks you to confirm the ship in the forum banner... I thought it was Wolfen, Sapphire my second guess... but yeah, there's no ship in the banner anymore. So....


Recommendations -
I play on and off, sometimes just an hour and sometimes I do most of a game, although I don't think I've completed this game in six or seven years so I'm missing a lot. But things I think would be awesome that I don't think ever materialized:

-I can't remember exactly how it works, but early on and for much of the game, I don't even find it worth leaving my shields up, but only activate them when I see/expect enemies. I think shields should have a fairly low power consumption when they're full, and only the higher power consumption when restoring them.
-That said, I think some software that adds toggleable AI control of certain ship functions would be awesome. Sometimes with my shields off, I'm not paying close attention as I autopilot, and I don't turn them on quite fast enough. Imagine giving your ship's computer control that drops your shields to 10% power at 10% power consumption when no enemies have been on screen for 5 seconds, but automatically raises shields back up to 100% as soon as the "Enemies spotted" comes up. That sort of thing would be awesome. Other similar toggleable AI control functions from software chips:
-take you off autopilot when enemies appear
-disable weapons not in use to save power
-smart docking on unexplored wreckage first
-doesn't let you fire your weapon if there's a friendly ship in or would be in LOS
-etc., I imagine there could be a dozen or more neat things to have your computer do, like the search functions through items/wrecks/inventory, but the toggles would be necessary because you wouldn't always want them
-I know there's a tiny bit of it, but I wish there was more personalized loot. I think I've seen it in like 1 in 500 wrecks that there's a piece of armor that has a +20% to it or w/e -- and I figure it happens more often but that the damage done to equipment just removes the tag (?) -- but it would be neat if that happened far more frequently. I think we assume everything not an auton is piloted by an actual person, and it's a life-and-death thing, and I think they'd tend to want to at least fork over the 200 credits at some point for 4 barrels of some resistance coating for their armor, that sort of thing. It would be weird for that to not be the norm, right?
I remember George telling me like 8 years ago that he'd get a lot of that put in and it's barely here! D:
-Inventory / looting options of "find: _____" would be nice, where you can type in keywords like "illegal" or "ore" or "food" or "armor"
-I don't think illegal stuff on a ship should always be found. I think the more you have, the higher the chance some of it is found, and it's confiscated and you're fined. The higher your rank or reputation, especially locally, should decrease such chances -- "oh, we know that guy, he's cool". Smuggler cargo holds should be apparently almost identical to some other standard type of cargo hold, because otherwise the agents are gonna be like, "huh, this guy's got a smuggler cargo hold! guess we gotta search everything." Like I'd think the smuggler hold should have the same maximum size as a regular trading cargo hold, but cost way more and can obviously not be acquired as easily.
-externally mountable mining weapons. They probably would need to be very large/heavy. It's really tedious having to uninstall a weapon, install a mining one, mine, uninstall, install -- you never have enough slots and mining weapons are so unreasonable for battle, and justifiably so.

-and I know some won't like these, but I really think drives should be an integral part of the ship like a reactor -- how else are these things propelling themselves? Obviously the ships would need the addition of an additional slot for it.
-quests or costly purchases that allow permanent upgrades to ships: some tinkerer that can add another device slot or room for another 2 armor segments for $100k or w/e. -Similarly, if you're lucky, right place and the right time, you could buy an enhanced E1500 or w/e, like ships with actually customized bodies/hulls.
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