Cutest 1.8b4 bug ever: himal station can't shoot past itself

Bug reports for the different beta versions of transcendence.
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This poor Himal Refuge is confused. Its shots are blocked by its own body. Its beams flash hopefully but never make it out.


I am lonely! I miss the beams that once were beamed to me!

This incident makes no appearance in the debug log for this session.
12/22/2018 18:10:04 Started game version: 1.8 Beta 4 (
12/22/2018 18:10:04 Extension: Corporate Hierarchy Vol 1 [1.2.16]
12/22/2018 18:10:04 Extension: Corporate Command [1.2.16]
12/22/2018 18:10:04 Using API version: 43
12/22/2018 19:37:37 Loaded game file version: 1.8 Beta 4 (
12/22/2018 19:37:37 Extension: Corporate Hierarchy Vol 1 [1.2.16]
12/22/2018 19:37:37 Extension: Corporate Command [1.2.16]
12/22/2018 19:37:37 Using API version: 43
12/22/2018 23:04:29 End logging session
No Himals were harmed in the making of this post. Though I did blow this station up shortly afterwards.
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Maybe there is an asteroid who blocked exactly at the center of Station, perhaps.
It was the same when you trying shooting at the center of asteroid too, so maybe it was the problem.
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 Yep, Amteloletom’s got it right. It’s not that infrequent an occurrence, either. It’s definitely a bug, just not the one you thought you were reporting, heh.

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I have seen the same thing, also with a Himal station. Unsure whether it is an overlapping asteroid as suggested, or a problem with this particular model. It doesn't occur every time.
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