[1.3b2/1.2] Three spelling typos

Bug reports for the different beta versions of transcendence.
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Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:41 am

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	(	; class			description
		(&scCorsair;	"The backbone of the Charon Pirate fleet consists of these fast and deadly gunships. Piloted by young and somewhat inexperienced pirates, they are nontheless dangerous in large numbers.")
		(&scViking;		"The Viking-class gunship is powerful and well-armored. It is slower than a Corsair, but more than fast enough to chase down a freighter.")
		(&scCorsair-II;	"More than an upgrade, the Corsair-II sports shields and a missile launcher.")
		(&scViking-II;	"The Viking-II is an upgraded version with shields and dual turbolasers.")
		(&scDrake;		"The Drake is the pirates' mobile battering ram. Heavily armored and loaded with missiles, the Drake will pummel you to pieces from long range.")
		(&scCharonFrigateRaider;	"The sight of these frigates brings fear to most freighter pilots. Fast, silent, and loaded with hurt, a Charon frigate can destroy a small fleet of escort ships. Do not challenge these ships unless you know what you're doing.")
Source: korolovshipping.xml
Spelling error: "nontheless"
Correction: "nonetheless"

Code: Select all

(scrSetDesc gScreen
	"You are docked with a Teraton chrysalis\x97a pulsing mass of biomechamical systems. "
	"You see a bony structure taking shape inside the large spherical structure."
Source: Teratons.xml
Spelling error: "biomechamical"
Correction: "biomechanical"

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(eq gResult "use-autodoc")
	(scrSetDesc gScreen "You wake up in your ship with bloddy bandages over both your arms. You activate your portable autodoc and it drips a concoction of fluids and growth stims into your arm.\n\nYou start to feel better immediately.")
Source: Teratons.xml
Spelling error: "bloddy"
Correction: "bloody"
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Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:56 pm

Thanks--very helpful!

Did you use an automated method or did you stumble on these?

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