Including unidHumanSpaceLibrary prevents playership override

Bug reports for the different beta versions of transcendence.
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If I include "&unidHumanSpaceLibrary;", I am unable to override playerships. The game ignores any overriding code. Test mod below.

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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE TranscendenceExtension>

<TranscendenceExtension UNID="0xd9120999"
	name="BUG: Can't Override Wolfen or Other Playerships"

; Once I include this library, this mod does not work!
	<Library unid="&unidHumanSpaceLibrary;"/>

; Changed classname and reactorPower.  Removed inherit because I merged base class stuff here.
	<ShipClass UNID="&scWolfenPlayer;"
			manufacturer=		"Pacific Defense Corporation"
			class=				"Wolfen/X"
			type=				"gunship"

			attributes=			"00200000_PlayerShip"
			characterClass=		"&unidPilgrimClass;"
			size=				"26"
			mass=				"30"
			thrustRatio=		"13"
			maxSpeed=			"25"
			cargoSpace=			"35"

			reactorPower=		"120"
			fuelCapacity=		"25000"
			maxArmor=			"12000"
			maxCargoSpace=		"100"
			maxDevices=			"8"
			maxNonWeapons=		"4"

			leavesWreck=		"20"

			armorID=			"&itLightPlasteelPlate;"
			count=				"4"
			<DeviceSlot criteria="w" posAngle="0" posRadius="20"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itDualLaserCannon;"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itNAMIMissileLauncher;"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itHullPlateIonizer;"/>

			maxRotationRate=	"12.0"
			rotationAccel=		"3.0"
			rotationStopAccel=	"12.0"

			<Item count="4d6" item="&itHelium3FuelRod;"/>
			<Item count="4d6" item="&itKM100Missile;"/>

		<Image imageID="&rsWolfenGunshipHD;" imageX="0" imageY="0" imageWidth="48" imageHeight="48" rotationCount="120"/>
			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="158"	posRadius="20"	posZ="0"	rotation="180"/>
			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="-180"	posRadius="18"	posZ="-5"	rotation="180"/>
			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="-158"	posRadius="20"	posZ="0"	rotation="180"/>
			<Effect type="rotateRight"		posAngle="45"	posRadius="20"	posZ="0"	rotation="135"/>
			<Effect type="rotateRight"		posAngle="-110"	posRadius="16"	posZ="0"	rotation="315"/>
			<Effect type="rotateLeft"		posAngle="-45"	posRadius="20"	posZ="0"	rotation="225"/>
			<Effect type="rotateLeft"		posAngle="110"	posRadius="16"	posZ="0"	rotation="45"/>

			fireRateAdj=		"30"
			fireAccuracy=		"90"
			perception=			"4"

; Changed desc.
			desc=				"THIS IS A TEST!  Fast and deadly, the Wolfen is designed for combat. Though limited in cargo capacity, it has lots of room for more weapons."
			largeImage=			"&rsWolfenLarge;"
			initialClass=		"true"
			startingCredits=	"50000"

				<ShipImage imageID="&rsArmorHUDShip_Wolfen;" imageWidth="136" imageHeight="136"/>
				<ArmorSection name="forward"
						imageX="0" imageY="0" imageWidth="52" imageHeight="15"
						destX="42" destY="19" hpX="55" hpY="18"
						nameY="8" nameBreakWidth="200" nameDestX="0" nameDestY="10" />

				<ArmorSection name="starboard"
						imageX="75" imageY="0" imageWidth="23" imageHeight="69"
						destX="94" destY="34" hpX="97" hpY="60"
						nameY="30" nameBreakWidth="360" nameDestX="12" nameDestY="0" />

				<ArmorSection name="port"
						imageX="52" imageY="0" imageWidth="23" imageHeight="69"
						destX="19" destY="34" hpX="13" hpY="60"
						nameY="52" nameBreakWidth="200" nameDestX="0" nameDestY="8" />

				<ArmorSection name="aft"
						imageX="0" imageY="75" imageWidth="52" imageHeight="16"
						destX="42" destY="103" hpX="55" hpY="107"
						nameY="74" nameBreakWidth="360" nameDestX="12" nameDestY="0" />

			<ShieldDisplay shieldLevelEffect="&efShieldHUDDefault;">

				<Image imageID="&rsZubrinReactor;" 
						imageX="0" imageY="0" imageWidth="256" imageHeight="60"/>

				<PowerLevelImage imageID="&rsZubrinReactor;"
						imageX="0" imageY="60" imageWidth="202" imageHeight="14"
						destX="54" destY="9"/>

				<FuelLevelImage imageID="&rsZubrinReactor;"
						imageX="0" imageY="74" imageWidth="194" imageHeight="14"
						destX="54" destY="37"/>

				<FuelLowLevelImage imageID="&rsZubrinReactor;"
						imageX="0" imageY="88" imageWidth="194" imageHeight="14"/>

				<ReactorText x="62" y="22" width="154" height="14"/>
				<PowerLevelText x="62" y="0" width="154" height="9"/>
				<FuelLevelText x="62" y="51" width="154" height="9"/>


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george moromisato
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Good catch! This turned out to be a problem with the compatibility library, which was getting loaded AFTER your extension (and thus overriding your ships). I've fixed this in 1.6 Beta 3, but I think I have a temporary work-around:

1. Run in debug mode.
2. When creating a new game, uncheck all extensions that use an API <26. In particular, the soundtrack extension (and Osaka) use an old API (and thus pull in the compatibility extension).

But as I said, this will be fixed in Beta 3.

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