Risk and Reward of Teraton Research.

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Volunteering to be a test subject for Teraton research is rewarding but risky. It can end in death. Even the best preparations can only reduce, not eliminate, the chance of death.

Chance of research type selected is...
* Laceration: 15%
* Virus: 35%
* Mutagen: 35%
* Alien parasite: 15%

Chance of survival if game selects...
* Laceration: 95%. With artificial plasma or autodoc: 100%
* Virus: 85%. With cyanavir or autodoc: 100%
* Mutagen: 67%. With (illegal) cancer dust or autodoc: 100%
* Alient parasite: 0%! With hypermycin: 95%. With autodoc: 80%

If you fail your first survival check (always if parasite), consumable medical items or autodoc are checked for next, with priority given to consumables if you have both. Autodoc is not consumed if used, but other medical items are.

Overall chance of survival with...
* No medical items: 67.45%
* Autodoc: 97%
* Autodoc and hypermycin: 99.25%

If you survive the trauma caused by the Teratons' research, your reward will be...
Promethium crystal: 40%
Level 7+ ore/resource: 35%
Level 7 device: 25%

After you receive your reward and undock, you must wait at least two minutes before you are allowed to volunteer for research again.
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That's good to know, thanks. I died two times out of two I tried Teraton research and just assumed it was an autokill without any uses.
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