Trouble with getting mods to work

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Firstly. well done. Modding can be very frustrating sometimes but you achieved what you set out to do. Good work.

There are ways to make items appear at set times in the game. It isn't strictly necessary to carry them around from game start.

As far as I'm concerned not being able to delete Multiverse mods is already a hassle. It stops me from adding more of the mods to my collection. It has been mentioned numerous times and I have added a Ministry ticket suggesting that a delete option would be appreciated by many members.

The key hints are meant to appear until that feature is used and then vanish. After using the 'D' key to dock the message shouldn't appear again. This might be a bug from the recent changes to the game.
I vaguely recall something about this being different for the new game 'difficulty' modes. Possibly they appear continually in the easier modes or something, not sure.
The hints can be disabled with code. The following code stops them from appearing.

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(plyEnableMessage gPlayer 'allHints Nil)
This code can be included in your playership mod and this will automatically stop the hints from ever appearing.

Lastly, could you please attach your playership mod here? I love looking at other peoples mods because they are a great source of ideas and inspiration.
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My playership is the Armstrong Freighter mod, along the solar items mod that has the stronger solar power array and blast plate style solar armor, and making a positron cannon to be an omni weapon. For the last I found a Xelerus mod for a graviton omni weapon, switched the type of damage and matched it to the power and damage stats of the Ares positron cannon. The solar items I install about St Kits for use until Juno, and I needed a late game omni weapon because my aging reactions hamper flight skill and using freighters only makes it worse. But it only took one aggravating game with a nonfreighter endlessly hauling war spoils around and fighting scavengers to send me back to freighters.

So there really isn't anything truly new to see in my mod other than the omni weapon. I'd like to play it against the Ares docksites first before putting it on display. I hoping to achieve a shift from impossible to just real hard with a bit of luck needed. If I consistently come limping off needing heavy repairs after killing an Ares dockyard that I'll call the weapon finished. I did add more device slots to the Armstrong because that's also personal pet peeve of mine. But other than the extra device slots and the new omni weapon there isn't anything novel in my mod, especially using copy paste code.

Let me play a round or two with it first. Then I'll ask about putting them in defined places instead of getting a freebie. The St Kits ring for the solar stuff and the omni positron cannon in the inventory of the xenos weapons seller mod. I make enough income in the game to afford them.

I'll test to ensure trying all idiot advice disappears once you use them, but I'm pretty sure most of them stick around. If they don't go away then I'm definitely adding it in the playership mod like you suggest.
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